Video: Lexus LS-Based TMG TS 650 at the Essen Motor Show

Lexus LS TMG TS 650

While we’re all waiting to see video of TMG’s TS 650 on the road, here’s some footage of the LS-based super sedan at the Essen Motor Show — there’s also a gallery over at Carscoop with some new photos.

(Really wish the TS 650 was based on the 2013 LS instead of the outgoing model.)

See the TMG TS 650 at the Essen Motor Show


  1. I agree that me too , wish the TS 650 is based on latest version of Lexus LS , because it would looks more mean ! Even though I like a lot of it , I've to complain the current front bumper doesn't looks as good as previous one (the one from spyshot & the one that spotted on Nur) , the rear exhaust made it looks odd too .
  2. Looks much better in person than the stills I expect to see a production model for 2016, after the redesign.... BD
  3. mr2

    Engine for GS-F :D Would be real M5 killer...
  4. I agree it would look muck better has the 2013 LS but in some way that was smart, with the 2013 out they can take all the old LS's from dealers and transform them has TMG's and therefore make room for the new LS. (I think xD)
  5. How is using the '13 LS better? The TS600's entire "bodykit" is much much more aggressive looking than the LS Fsport's.