Lexus Japan Introduces New LS with Wild Dance Video

At the 2013 Lexus LS introduction event in Japan, guests were treated to a rather unique performance by dance artists Enra — trust me, this is worth watching:

Artist Nobuyuki Hanabusa choreographed this performance by using his signature style of combining live action with projection graphics — makes for an interesting way to introduce the new LS, and fits well with Lexus Japan’s cosmopolitan marketing direction.


  1. Err ... it's an odd event . XD
  2. You know what that needs, to make it just right? A huge, jiggly pair of boobs! BD
  3. Wow!Much harder than those two individuals made it look!Kind of reminds me of 'Mega Man' Nintendo game I used to play 25 years ago.
  4. Reminds me of the final fight in "Big Trouble in Little China!"
  5. What's weird is that I found time to watch all the way til the end.