Matte Black Bison Lexus CT 200h by Wald International

Japanese tuner Wald International has released new photos of their Lexus CT 200h Black Bison body kit in matte black:

The LED fog lights might be awkward and the rear bumper looks overly complex, but overall, this is kit, along with the recently released Black Bison GS, are two of the better cars that I’ve ever seen from Wald.

The entire kit, include the front and rear bumpers, side skirts, roof spoiler and rear gate spoiler, retails for ¥367,500 ($4,626 USD).

[Source: Wald International]

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  • November 13, 2012
What's with the four exhaust pipes? My CT barely needs one.
    • D
    • November 13, 2012
    lol exactly. I felt the same way about the aimgain kit. The whole kit looks amazing but I'd feel like a poser cruising around in my 134 hp CT with quad pipes.