Matte Black Lexus GS by Wald International

Matte Black Lexus GS Showcar

Although it’s been featured before, Wald International has just released photos of their Lexus GS 350 show car in matte black, and it’s definitely worth taking another look at:

Outfitted with the full Executive Line body kit, this Wald GS looks straight out a Yakuza movie — all it needs is super-black tinted windows and (ahem) it’s a wrap.

[Source: Wald International]


  1. skeet skeet skeet
  2. ................. speachless In a good way
  3. Looks to be a GS 450h F-Sport which North America doesn't have.
  4. already? still waiting for the lexus ct kit
  5. LOVE the car, LOVE the kit, HATE the wheels.
  6. What more do You need?