Wald Releases Lexus GS Executive Line Body Kit

2013 Lexus GS Body Kit from Wald International

After four months of development, Japanese tuner Wald International has released their Lexus GS Executive Line body kit:

The kit includes a front lip, side skirts, a new rear bumper, and spoilers for both the roof & trunk — the full package ends up being very restrained and tasteful, adding an alternate dimension of class to the fourth generation GS.

All told, the cost in Japan is ¥ 289,800, or roughly $3,700 USD. No word on North American availability.


  1. so damm sexy yo... i love it
  2. I guess it goes without saying that all the Lexus sedans will get the New LS' single beam LED running lights for 2015..... BD
  3. 15 pic. . Looks weird... the suspension is sagging and the wheels look cheap at that angle. Hot pics the car looks hot
  4. Best kit yet