Toyota Considering Aston Martin Purchase?

Aston Martin Toyota

It’s only remotely related to Lexus, but rumors suggest the current owners of Aston Martin are looking to sell their 64% ownership and Toyota may be interested.

(Earlier this year, it was said Aston Martin was interested in Lexus engines — I’ve also written about a possible Lexus-Aston Martin partnership in the past.)

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  1. This would make Aston Martin the best car in the world. Just imagine an Aston Martin - with Toyota/Lexus V12 developed in collaboration with Yamaha - with CF at lower price thanks to partnership with BMW - more reliable than a Porsche - new worthy gearbox Imagine the beatiful looks with the right power and performance in a lightweight package, agressively beautiful, sounding better than a Zonda and that you don't have to drive to service every week!
  2. Some very valid points from Alex Levi!Also,if I may,I'd like to offer some key points of my own as to why I would like to see Toyota put this deal together(if financially worth while)    (1)  Akio Toyoda already has an established relationship with Dr. Ulrich Bez.    (2)  Austin Martin already offers the Cygnet,which is based off of the Toyota/Scion IQ.    (3)  Austin Martin is not the only manufacturer to have models featured in 'Bond Movies'.The              Toyota 2000 GT(the LFA's Great,Great Grand Daddy) also claimed a starringrole in 'You          Only Live Twice' (kind of makes me wonder why the LFA wasn't in the latest 'Bond movie          to hit the silver screen) so there's very loosly,kind of a connection there also. If this takes shape,I might be inclined to at least consider an Austin Martin in the future.(once all of the Ford influences become obsolete anyways.) 
    • Also,just imagine the feathers that would be ruffled over at VW headquarters with their quest for world dominance.Toyota,Scion,Lexus,BMW partnership,Hino,Dahatsu,Austin Martin...need I say more?I know Toyota's mission is to sell "the best",not "the most"Still,I hope somebody over at Lexus/Toyota reads this!Just my 2 cents.
    • You must be from Texas. Lol It's Aston
    • My bad!I'm in Nova Scotia actually,but I'm in the process of getting a dog from Texas.
  3. this would be great. it would get the company into the ultra luxury market and have new engine options for lexus.
  4. Thanks for posting.
  5. Lexus does not need a partnership but may do it just for the technology they can share with each other. Think VW, Audi and Porsche. The only benefit there is that all 3 are German whereas with Toyota and Aston. Well... They may not be able to share plants but they can create cars that share platforms for example the Matrix. This will be interesting if true.
  6. At first I thought it would be cool.  Upon more thought, I don't see what Toyota would have to gain from the purchase while Aston-Martin as a brand would have everything to gain.  Unless TMC was looking for a for a trophy brand to tote around (like VAG's recent $1B purchase of Ducati), there is nothing in it for Toyota. 
  7. Toyota has a relationship with Aston Martin through the Toyota iQ/Aston Martin Cygnet program.   The Aston CEO and Akio are buddy-buddy, after some races they ran together in 2010, and Toyota is looking to become more of a factor in Europe with both Toyota and Lexus.   I'm sure Lexus would also like to continue to move upmarket, and a premium luxury partner can only help their image in Europe. BD
  8. who own's the other percentage? 
  9. Don't let short-sightedness cloud your judgment. The prestige and branding alone of AM is enough to pursue. The benefits of purchasing an ultra-luxury brand with so much glamour does not come by often. BMW - RR, VW - Bentley/Bugatti, Toyota (Lexus) - Aston?. It's not always about sales, they have the other brands to do that. They Need AM for many other reasons. 
  10. Toyota better buy buy Aston Martin before VAG. VAG is yet hoping to buy Alfa Romeo.
  11. I don't see a bad side if Toyota does buy Aston Martin. IMO it's going to bring up the Lexus brand icon alot more
  12. this what i said before  BDwe all see that there will be two total different shapes from the 2014 RAV-4 , one of them is a Luxurious to go with Q5 , X3 , EXso may be TOYOTA want this car to enter the near Luxury and make LEXUS step a further step above with a much high ends carfor my think LEXUS will be to TOYOTA somehow as Porsche to VW not as AUDI , and i think this will be the last ES generation as the CT will be the first and last , don't know what to happen to LX & GX but for sure if this is the plan and there are a lot of article about the next TUNDRA that it will no more use SEQUOIA name for the SUV but the LC , and rumored that LC will be much more luxurious which mean no more LX , the GX is the same as it will not anymore found as the 4-Runner and Prado will be one shape with 2 names as the 2013 ford fusion and mondeo , they will be merged so the GX also checked outthis is clear by this aggressive plan of 4 coupe's and and rumored next generation LFA ,  don't know who will do Audi to VW role then , but this is what i see in the horizon Read more at  an honestly i pretty sure this will be by merging A.Martin with Lexus in one brand and make BMW more powerful to Toyota as AUDI to VW and then turn the new company of A.Martin , Lotus & Lexus into Porsche Competitor and the HQ in UK just remember my words , so funny to some , so stupid to other but this is what i am see from more the 5 years ago or so
  13. I think that Toyota would gain from acquiring Aston would be their interior and exterior design as well as quality and choices of materials. Otherwise I believe that Aston would benefit more from Toyota
  14. *bump Any news about this. This needs to happen already.