Lexus October 2012 Sales Report

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Lexus USA has reported total sales of 19,850 for October 2012, a 9.7% improvement over last year — here it is model-by-model:

MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
2012 2011 % CHG* 2012 2011 % CHG*
CT 1,199 1,511 -20.6 14,811 10,363 42.4
HS 3 205 -98.5 644 2,383 -73.1
IS 2,116 2,640 -19.8 23,223 23,364 -1.0
ES 5,971 4,300 38.9 42,105 31,260 34.2
GS 1,521 266 471.8 17,538 3,346 422.1
LS 834 1,186 -29.7 5,750 7,558 -24.2
SC 0 0 N/A 2 18 -88.9
LFA 3 4 -25.0 36 48 -25.3
Total Cars 11,647 10,112 15.2 104,109 78,340 32.4
RX 6,928 6,691 3.5 73,976 63,507 16.0
GX 909 1,023 -11.1 8,629 9,314 -7.7
LX 366 266 37.6 4,126 2,578 59.4
Total Trucks 8,203 7,980 2.8 86,731 75,399 14.6
Total Sales 19,850 18,092 9.7 190,840 153,739 23.6

Please note, all percentages are calculated by the Daily Sales Rate (DSR), which takes into account the number of days in the month that dealerships could sell cars. October 2012 had 26 selling days, October 2011 had 26 selling days.

The new ES has started off with a bang, boosting sales by 38.9% — a significant increase for a high-volume model. The new GS continues to sell at a 400+% higher clip than last year, despite its drop to under 2,000 units a month.

The decrease in IS sales makes sense considering the age of the second-generation design, and sales of the CT 200h are starting to normalize after an impressive launch year in 2011. However, there’s one number that really jumps out at me — after introducing the spindle grille refresh and a F SPORT package, RX sales have only increased by 3.5%.


Lexus Canada set a new October record for sales, finishing the month with 1,520 units sold, a 23.7% increase over 2011. The 2013 ES 350 made for a major success, selling 82.4% over last year. Hybrids also made up a significant slice of overall sales — in October, 22.6% of Lexus’s sold in Canada were hybrids.

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  1. The GS still continues to struggle, outsold by the Audi A6 again.  (It still outsells it YTD) This is how I have next year's sales broken down: CT 15k ES 65k GS 20k LS 10k RX 85k GX/LX 10k IS (redesigned) 50k Total 255k This year, Lexus will end around 240k, in 3rd place BD
  2. I think the 3rd gen RX redesign and refresh were both a step in the wrong direction. I understand Toyota's goal of giving the Lexus brand a more consistent look, but the waterfall grill was part of the RX's identity. When the 2nd gen RX came out I thought it had an interesting and sort of futuristic look to it. With the 3rd gen they ironed out most of those unique details, like the hood stamped grill, and those oversized jeweled tail lamps. IMO the RX has turned into one of the most aesthetically offensive cars on the road. It's just a blob on wheels now.
  3. MT

    The RX is the standard "wife takes kids to school" car (for people that have the money to buy it). The giant spindle thing maybe isn't what the customers want?  Grille looks great on GS, LS. But on the RX it is just way out of its proportions.
  4. With 75-90K  in sales monthly tells the story of the RX----looks to me the onyt dislikes are coming from the LEXUS haters and the brands that wish they had a piece of the selling machine pie that is the RX.   LEXUS continues to make this better with each refresh and new generation.......there will be more LEXUS models that catch up to the RX popularity and success in numbers.....the only thing I can say is open up an RX line like Prius has. Would be great to have several sizes and engine variants to capture the entire market......LEXUS keep up the great job.
  5. Sorry for typo--75-90 k  annual sales
  6. btw October is usually a weak month for Lexus