New 2013 Lexus LS L-Select Customization Program in Japan

Lexus LS L-Select Program

L-Select is the Lexus LS customization program available only in Japan, and it’s been updated for the new 2013 model — the possible combinations are near limitless, but Lexus has created six themes to show off some potential configurations.

Escape Journey

Lexus LS L-Select Escape Journey

Presidential Suite

Lexus LS L-Select Presidential Suite

Japanese Modern

Lexus LS L-Select Japanese Modern

Royal Therapy

Lexus LS L-Select Royal Therapy

Wild Beauty

Lexus LS L-Select Wild Beauty

Passionate Spirit

Lexus LS L-Select Passionate Spirit

Despite its obvious appeal and uniqueness, L-Select has been limited to Japan since its debut with the fourth-generation LS — it’s been explained to me that the extended time for manufacturing and additional expense makes it difficult to offer worldwide.

(Still, I believe customization is going to play a huge role in the future of the upper-tier automotive brands — we’ve started to see it with F SPORT being offered on more and more of the Lexus lineup. Owners want to have a connection with their vehicles, and being able to personalize the interior is the next logical step.)

[Source: Lexus Japan]


  1. Having these as option packages I'm sure will be part of the 2015 redesign...... BD
  2. Wow. They didn't forget about this... They went even more crazy! SWEET!
  3. "’s been explained to me that the extended time for manufacturing and additional expense makes it difficult to offer worldwide." All the more reason to do it. It's taking on challenges rather than shying away from them that makes you great. If I'm going to spend this kind of money on a car I'd really like to go beyond the usual bog standard black,grey or beige interior schemes.
  4. Escape Journey: Lovin' the yacht look! Presidential Suite: Warm and leathery rich! Japanese Modern: Crisp and stylish!Royal Therapy: Mmm... Rich caramel! Wild Beauty: EXOTIC! Passionate Spirit: An aphrodisiac! That's some awesome examples, but goodness... so many choices!
  5. I understand the additional expenses and time it takes for manufacturing customized interiors, but for the flagship car like the LS why not offer this elsewhere with a package charge. So in addition to the Ultra Luxury and Executive-Seating package, offer a L-Select add-on package for each. The customer can that decide if the extra price and wait time is worth the customization. This could also just be offered as add-on package for the LS 600hL to give those owners a LFA type customization experience.
    • Wish I could -- however, these images are only available in this size. I'll see if I can get bigger images, though I doubt it.
  7. there are some serious problems with decision makers at Lexus Japan office. Why can't I have F sport with ultra luxury package? Just because I wanted a sportier driving dynamic, does not mean I wouldn't want my passengers to feel special... BMW is doing a great job at offering pretty much whatever you want so long you pay for it, WHY NOT. I can have M sport pack, with executive, technology packages and if I'm willing to pay, I can add individual and have the whole interior wrapped in leather. Was going to get the LS F sport till I found out I only had one choice of package option and interior colour. Well, M6 here I come then... I hate when Lexus making these stupid decisions... btw, the car feels so special in person, the interior pictures simply can't do justice to how nice the car feels...
  8. They need to offer this in the US, pronto.  Those look amazing!
  9. I'd also like to see MORE interior & exterior options for the F Sport models.  As an example, I personally like the GS350 F Sport however I'd like it available with LED headlights (450h only), more power (450h only) and an interior with Shimamoku wood (LS only).  I think Lexus NA should re-think that strategy as customers like myself would pay a premium for this type of individuality (think MB Designo).    Lexus we want more options.