New 2013 Lexus LS L-Select Customization Program in Japan

Lexus LS L-Select Program

L-Select is the Lexus LS customization program available only in Japan, and it’s been updated for the new 2013 model — the possible combinations are near limitless, but Lexus has created six themes to show off some potential configurations.

Despite its obvious appeal and uniqueness, L-Select has been limited to Japan since its debut with the fourth-generation LS — it’s been explained to me that the extended time for manufacturing and additional expense makes it difficult to offer worldwide.

(Still, I believe customization is going to play a huge role in the future of the upper-tier automotive brands — we’ve started to see it with F SPORT being offered on more and more of the Lexus lineup. Owners want to have a connection with their vehicles, and being able to personalize the interior is the next logical step.)

[Source: Lexus Japan]