Consumer Reports Finds Issue with Emergency Trunk Release on 2013 Lexus ES & GS

Lexus Emergency Release

In its testing of 2013 Lexus ES & GS, Consumer Reports has discovered that the emergency interior trunk escape lever can break when used improperly, making it impossible to open the trunk from the inside — this Consumer Reports video explains:

Consumer Reports notified both Lexus and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) about this problem, here were the responses:

The government safety agency said [it] “is aware of the issue and is evaluating available information to determine if additional action is warranted.”

A representative from Toyota, which builds Lexus models, said, “Upon hearing the information from Consumer Reports, we immediately began investigating the durability and ergonomics of the emergency trunk release lever. This is an active investigation and we cannot provide more details at this time.”

It’s worth pointing out that the emergency release glows in the dark and is clearly labelled:

Lexus Emergency Release Graphic

Read more about the issue at Consumer Reports


  1. Hopefully it can be fixed soon , I don't wanna see much more issue on Toyota/Scion/Lexus anymore ... :(
    • I see this as more of a nip picking than actual problem. So if i get panicked and step on the gas pedal instead of brake, I blame manufacture for poorly designed brake pedal placement? No. You suppose to get it right if not you're responsible for it. Parents can easily educate their kid the proper way of using it in like 2 seconds in case they somehow got trapped in there. Kidnaper? I don't know kidnappers that can afford GS and still kidnap. Also, they probably won't use a car that have trunk release lever to kidnap but now that CR have reported this problem to the world, I guess this will become kidnaper car of the year. The only fault I see is CR publicise it. 
  2. Uhhh..........doesn't MOST THINGS IN LIFE break when used improperly?   If you drive your car into a wall, won't it break?  It you hit your alarm clock with a hammer, doesn't it break?Now Toyota/Lexus has build to the lowest, stupidest denominator because CR says so?BD
  3. Problems like this always happens in America.  Emergency Trunk Release - LOL
  4. I don't think a good parent will drive with their kid in the boot for more than one time..
  5. Come on guys.  I know you are all Toyota/Lexus fans but a problem is a problem.   It is a deadly mistake and can be fixed for couple dollars.  I AM a toyota/lexus fan as well.  Family members have 4 4Runners, 4 Camrys, Rav4, 4 Lexus RX'es, a CT, and an IS250 Lexus.  I currently have a 2010 RX350 and RX450h so I have been around the block with Toyota.  If somethings is badly designed/engnieered then it needs to be fixed.
    • You must not read too good.  Where did it say it was badly designed? They said if YOU use it wrong, it will break. In other words, CR broke one locking their own dumb ---es in the trunk, got mad, and called the authorities. That's some sorry --- %$#@!BD
  6. well lets see if Lexus ppl do reply back and infact do change this design flaw then yes they do admitted that its a design problem. big or small lets wait and see if they change it for next year..
  7. CR is nit picking for sure and making a mountain out of a mole hill. Notwithstanding, Lexus must be quick to fix this problem to avoid yet another big blow against safety like we saw with the "unintended acceleration/floor mat slide" issue.  
  8. It is poorly designed, end of story.  It should not break at all if pulled in any way. Period.  All you fanboys need to be quiet, when it comes to safety, how can a dodge dart for crying out loud have a handle that dosent break, but a 2013 gs does?
  9. Wooooooow! Just wow!
  10. Is it common in the states to be trapped in the boot? Just asking...
  11. If THIS is the "problem" CR is jumping up and down about, these cars must be even better than I thought! BD
  12. Irrelevant stuff really. These guys just want attention! And what better way to get that attention other than bashing Toyota & Lexus ?