Lexus September 2012 Sales Report

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Lexus USA has reported total sales of 20,386 for September 2012, a 36% improvement over last year — here it is model-by-model:

MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
2012 2011 % CHG* 2012 2011 % CHG*
CT 1,195 1,444 -17.2 13,612 8,852 53.1
HS 8 231 -96.5 641 2,178 -70.7
IS 2,248 2,539 -11.5 21,107 20,724 1.4
ES 6,553 3,627 80.7 36,134 26,960 33.4
GS 1,454 286 408.4 16,017 3,080 417.8
LS 558 729 -23.5 4,916 6,372 -23.2
SC 0 0 N/A 2 18 -88.9
LFA 4 4 0.0 33 44 -25.3
Total Cars 12,020 8,860 35.7 92,462 68,228 34.9
RX 7,046 5,003 40.8 67,048 56,816 17.5
GX 948 867 9.3 7,720 8,291 -7.3
LX 372 265 40.4 3,760 2,312 61.9
Total Trucks 8,366 6,135 36.4 78,528 67,419 16.0
Total Sales 20,386 14,995 36.0 170,990 135,647 25.5

Please note, all percentages are calculated by the Daily Sales Rate (DSR), which takes into account the number of days in the month that dealerships could sell cars. September 2012 had 25 selling days, September 2011 had 25 selling days.

Strong sales of the two major volume models made this the best-selling September since 2007 — for the second month in row, the big story is the new 2013 ES with 6,553 units sold (20% of which were the ES 300h). The 2013 RX was another big boost to the numbers, jumping 40.8%.

On the flip side, the CT 200h is down compared to 2011 — though to be fair, there was pent-up demand last September due to tsunami-related inventory constraints. The GS has also slowed down after its hot start, falling below 2,000 units sold for the second month in a row.

Let’s end off with a quote from Lexus VP of Sales, Tim Morrison, taken from the today’s sales conference call:

Through the first three quarters of 2012, we have sold 170,990 Lexus cars and luxury utility vehicles, a 26 percent increase over last year, keeping us right on track to reach our stated sales goal of 240,000.

Looking ahead, we have more great new product coming in the fourth quarter. Our new LS flagship sedan, including the first-ever LS F Sport, will begin arriving in dealerships in early November.

The arrival of the LS represents the culmination of a year in which we introduced nine new and significantly refreshed vehicles and three F Sport models, a near complete overhaul of the Lexus lineup. And we’re just getting started.


Lexus Canada finished the month with 1,556 units sold, a 25.4% increase over 2011 and their best September ever — the 2013 ES 350 made a major contribution in its first full month of availability, setting an all-time sales record with 363 units sold. One other notable number: hybrid models accounted for 17.9% of total sales for the month.

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  1. Look like Lexus better step up the GS lease program.  The ES came and took some of the GS' stuff! GS sales have started to drop now that the ES has hit the scene, 10-15% each of the last two months.... Lexus will close strong with their "December to Remember" getting them their annual 30k month, to close over their stated annual goal of 240k. With a new IS coming, and a full year with the all new sedan lineup, 275k sounds like a righteous goal for Lexus, as they return to their prior glory! BD
    • Yeah i always said that the ES will cannibalize sales of the GS.. It's a problem Lexus has. For example no one will cross shop a 3 series BMW  with a 5 series BMW..
    • It's tough to look at the numbers and not think that the ES came in and siphoned off GS sales. At the same time, the size difference is significant now, so I don't know how accurate it is -- hopefully some dealership associates can weigh in.
    • A bigger back seat and a $10k lower price will move some iron against big brother. Many Lexus buyers don't come in with, or for, a performance edge..... BD
    • Krew we should be all looking at the much bigger picture.. And that is the rumoured CUV, which could very well prove to be a tough and dangerous decision for Lexus.. The risk associated with this CUV is the cannibalization of the RX sales.. Which would be potentially lethal for Lexus.
    • I like where the GS is right now. The GS for the driving enthusiasts, the ES for those who view cars mainly as luxurious people carriers.  BMW 5 series similarly performs these two functions in one car : the 520i,523i,528i for the "cars-as-appliances" owners, the M-Sport 535i/550i for the sporty drivers. Guess how many will opt for a 528i over a 535i/550i ? I suspect the majority of 5 series sales will be 528i. I'm not too worried yet. The GS was always going to be a niche model.
  2. 1,454 is simply not good enough for the GS.. By next year if the trend continues expect to see the GS only pulling off 3 digit sales numbers.  By Comparison the BMW 5 Series was down YoR but it still managed a healthy 3,189 units The Mercedes E-class was also down YoR but it  manages to pull 4,826 units  The Audi A6 which is considered the underdog pulled a very impressive 2,065 units And even the niche A7 manages to sell 720 cars last month --Lexus needs to act 
    • You're right.   Considering the fact the A6 is used to selling 1000-1500, they had to put a strong lease or some extra cash on the hood last month. BMW and Mercedes use twice the incentives Lexus does, company wide.  I expect a subsidized lease shortly...... BD
    • Yeah see that's the problem with Lexus.. They just don't have strong deals and incentive. Lets face it, Lexus become the gold standard by offering superior products at very heavily discounted prices. If Lexus wants to see high numbers they simply need better deals and incentives and they'll make it to the top very fast.
    • Slow your ignorance. Lexus has never been about cash on the hood.  That's the Germans.  Lexus has always had better values.  That's why they always sell. The GS has never sold well.  It's always been the black sheep of the family...... BD
    • Very surprised at the A6 numbers -- impressive but unusual for the model. Was the S6 or Avant just introduced?
  3. The problem with Lexus is that there "lease specials" aren't really lease specials. They should offer lease speicals on the F-Sport rather than the base editions of the GS. After the lease came up on my is250 i went in to try and upgrade to the 350, they gave me a crazy monthly payment -_- near the 700+ a month mark so I went and lease an G37 instead. I feel kind of bad because I've been driving Lexus forever but got go where my money goes
    • Why would they put a volume-lease deal on a top-of-the-line model? You build top-of-the-line models to make a profit, not cut profits when leasing. If you want the extra features, you'll pay the premium. Lexus didn't do anything wrong. And the G is a class below the GS, and plays in the same pool as the IS, so you were probably over your head from Jump Street. More Lexus costs more money. It's amazing how many buyers never get that concept.... BD
    • When I said 350 i meant is, didn't clarify. You think they would lose profits on the leases they do? Car dealerships only make two kinds of profit a shi* ton of money or less money, but theu would never lose profits on a leased car. That's all there is too it, if there willing to make less money on each car it leases then there sales volume would most likely jump....
    • maybe people don't want Lexus because there like apple fan boys > german fan boys. If any German car was able to build a car half as reliable as a Lexus I wouldn't hesitate to switch over to a German but sadly they can't so I'm sticking with Lexus for now, but I just wish they make more exciting engines for there high volume cars
    • Looks like Lexus is closer to your driving ideal than Germans are to your quality ideal...... BD
    • All I'm saying is you don't go up a class, and the top of the class at that, and expect a payment anywhere within $200-250 a month from where you are, at the bare bottom of the luxury car market. If you saw leases on 550i or E550, they would steal your soul...... BD 
    • Where you find a lease for a IS 250 for 200-250 a month?Leased a G msrp listed at 45k and change for 400 a month went into Lexus and saw a is350 for 46k and change andquoted me at 750 a month 0_o
    • I was talking about the difference in payments, not the payments themselves...... BD
  4. GS alway fails, and again.
    • Not according to knowledgeable motor reviewers--it's been widely acknowledged as a better driver's car than almost all others in its segment. Reminds me of the Jay Leno segment where they approached the man-in-the-street pretending that the Iphone 4S they had was an Iphone 5. Everyone started praising the phone saying it was so much lighter than the Iphone 4S. Same situation here.  The reality : GS >>>> 5 series/E-class/A6.  The perception : "Germans"  always the best!!!! It'll take time for perception to catch up to reality but I'm confident it'll happen. Then the GS will start taking market share from 5series/E-class in earnest :)
  5. GS needs just more engines i think with the new 300h & the new 450h with the 400hp+ from the GRMN and new 2.5 & 3.5 and another all new F the GS will be flying away with sales it is ridiculous to maintain a strong sales with just 2 old engines and i think the new engines will come with a great sales 
    • MT

      Updated 2,5 engine would be desperately needed. The 4GR-FSE was first intalled in the Toyota Crown in 2003. The engine remained unchanged since then. I always wondered why they put a ten years old, underpowered, gas-guzzling engine in a premium-sports sedan. On the european cycle the GS250 consumes 10% more fuel than the 535i, which has 100hp more and does the 0-100 about 2,5 seconds faster. And in Europe we would need a wagon. But that has been said hundreds of times already.
    • The 535i is much more expensive than GS250
  6. It is the exterior design that always fails GS. Even the cheaper ES looks better.
  7. In 2 years, I expect a GS250/300 with a 225-250HP engine to compete with the 528i BD