Imagining the Next-Generation Lexus IS Coupe

Just hours before the Lexus LF-CC coupe concept debuts at the Paris Motor Show, let’s take a look at what the concept could mean for the next-generation IS — here’s some photochops from Club Lexus member SNiiP3R:

Next-Generation Lexus IS in Blue

Next-Generation Lexus IS in Red

By merging the LF-CC concept with the GS front-end, these images are a decent attempt to imagine the next-gen IS.

There’s sure to be more visual differences between the GS & IS — I’m expecting the IS to have a much larger lower grille, and it’s doubtful that the side mirrors and rear wheel intakes will make it to production — but squint your eyes, and these photochopped IS coupes appear quite realistic.

[Source: Club Lexus] (Thanks Tim!)


  1. I Love it! I hope this is exactly what the production model looks like! :)
  2. This is pretty close. Doesn't Audi have just a gaping hole of a grille, with no bumper cutting through it?  Why can't Lexus? BD
  3. Agree with you BD, they either need to make the bumper really thin or think of something else. The grille is so badass and aggressive so why not show the madness on the F model. Keep that bumper fat bumper coming across the grille on the base models. #cmonLexus! 
  4. Have seen the IS.. Looks way better than this...
  5. For the coupe maybe, as for the sedan absolutely not. The next IS doesn't resemble this one bit. All it looks like is an LF-CC with the GS headlights and grille slapped on it. One needs to imagine the current IS with a small spindle grille and with sharper triangular headlights. Those who create these excellent renders need to stop missing important clues given on the production models by Lexus and other insiders.
    • This is just an approximation, and not meant to taken seriously -- I only used the word "realistic" because the photoshopping was so well done. :-)
  6. Good god I hope not. Bland and blander. When the last generation IS and GS came out they were amazingly stylish. This time around the GS was yawn inducing (exterior). Hopefully the IS won't walk the same path...
  7. The grille will be much mor like on the concept. Those huge air-intakes in front of the front wheels must surely go. I think the concept itself looks more like an eventual IS-coupe than this.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if the grille were closer to the concept's!
  9. This is supposed to be the GS Coupe, not the IS Coupe as previously reported. It's described as mid-size by Lexus, not compact. The rear and side(partial) are inspired by the 2014 IS sedan.
  10. I think this is too close to the existing model and not dramatic enough. Lexus has stated that the design of the next IS is going to be revolutionary and going to be dramatic. This appears to be merely evolutionary.
    • 1. This rendering is just an approximation by merging the LF-CC with the GS, it's not meant to be the real thing. 2. While I expect some real exterior changes, the current IS is too good for a revolutionary design change. Maybe Lexus meant the driving experience would be revolutionary rather than the design?
  11. sedan is the way to go more conveinent and people will buy sedans more
  12. very nice rendering... too bad it will come out of the other side of the production plant looking totally different... it will have some similarities but nothing like this.