Imagining the Next-Generation Lexus IS Coupe

Just hours before the Lexus LF-CC coupe concept debuts at the Paris Motor Show, let’s take a look at what the concept could mean for the next-generation IS — here’s some photochops from Club Lexus member SNiiP3R:

Next-Generation Lexus IS in Blue
Next-Generation Lexus IS in Red

By merging the LF-CC concept with the GS front-end, these images are a decent attempt to imagine the next-gen IS.

There’s sure to be more visual differences between the GS & IS — I’m expecting the IS to have a much larger lower grille, and it’s doubtful that the side mirrors and rear wheel intakes will make it to production — but squint your eyes, and these photochopped IS coupes appear quite realistic.

[Source: Club Lexus] (Thanks Tim!)