A Closer Look at the Lexus LF-CC Concept Interior

Lexus LF-CC Interior

As part of their Paris Motor Show preview, Car & Driver has a gallery of previously unseen Lexus LF-CC photos, including these shots of the interior:

It’s impossible to look at the LF-CC interior without talking about all the displays — there’s a screen for everything, from the instrument panel to the clock to the central navigation, and every possible interior control has been converted to a touchscreen.

Beyond the LCD overload, the interior of the LF-CC looks production-ready — the seats, the doors, and the general shape of the dashboard and center console all have a polish that suggests the cabin is set for manufacturing.

One concept-only element that I really like is the touchscreen Remote Touch controller:

Lexus LF-CC Interior Remote Touch

(This brings up an interesting point — it wouldn’t surprise me to see the third-generation IS have a LFA-inspired instrument panel, similar to the way it appears in these photos.)

[Source: Car & Driver]