Place Your Vote: What Type of Concept will Lexus Reveal Next Week?

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A new Lexus concept will be revealed in less than twenty four hours, and it remains a mystery — will it be a compact crossover? The new IS? A city car?

There’s still time to place your vote in the Lexus Enthusiast poll — the results will be posted Monday after the first photos are released.

What type of concept will Lexus reveal next week?


  1. i still will say a GS-Coupe
  2. Very similar to the spy shots:
  3. This concept car must be very important one for for Lexus ! It's amazing that less then 24h before the official press release (almost) no one knows what Lexus will show the world. I like that, that's style, that's Lexus.
  4. I guess something relative to the IS cause it's the most important car right now for Lexus especially in Europe. Maybe an IS SC ?
  5. if ANYTHING, its a car that has to have sum ways b4 production & a new model (possibly new platform), hence why CONCEPTS are made!! therefore a CUV is the answer! i laugh @ ones who seriously say a GS-C/F or 2014 IS...those wnt really need concepts
    • J B

      I agree. I believe it will be the compact CUV. The IS is not a new model, but then again the RX, CT, and GS had a concept prior to production. This is definitely a play on words as to how one interprets the phrase "unveiling of a new car" at Paris. We'll know in less than 12 hours - hopefully the teaser images released include a silhouette, or better yet actual full vehicle images.
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  7. It is the LF-CC, which is very likely to be the IS Coupe. Official press release note is on their website ;) Congratulations Lexus, you nailed it.