Poll: What Type of Concept will Lexus Reveal Next Week?

New Lexus Concept

Early Monday morning, Lexus will release the first photos of their new concept in advance of its Paris Motor Show debut. It’s still a mystery just what Lexus will reveal, so let’s put it to a vote — I’ve collected the potential options along with some more outlandish possibilities:

The poll will close immediately upon the release of the concept photos at 3am ET/12am PT on Monday, September 17th — I’m very interested to see how everyone votes.


  1. i think a better question is what do we want to see
    • My feeling is that most people are voting for what they want to see. ;-)
    • ...i voted 4 CUV becuz its pretty obvious thats wat it is & it makes sense in so many ways-however, i hope im wrong as i dnt care about Lexus CUVs or SUVs....i really wanna see the IS.  but then again, just cuz Lex say a concept will be the star of the show dsnt mean it will be all they show, the production IS might be revealed too! :)
    • I'd rather see a GS-F (or an LF-LC, or a four door coupe, or a GS coupe), but all evidence points to a sub-RX reveal.  A Lexus GLK/Q5/X3 just doesn't excite me.
    • For me, I voted for what I think what we will see. :^) If I had voted for what I wanted to see, I would definitely have picked the IS Sedan. 
  2. Amazing, 350 votes in the last eight hours -- right now, the compact crossover sits at 55% of votes.
  3. def not the compact RX
  4. MT

    It will be the compact crossover. As this is one segment where BMW/Audi are making big time sales in Europe. And all of those interviews pointing to compact CUV make it pretty clear.
  5. Lf-Lc convertible. That's guaranteed and somewhat boring.
  6. J B

    Voted CUV. New concept + European reveal + rumors of end of 2012 reveal = compact crossover.
  7. I think the compact crossover is a good idea but do they really need something smaller than an RX? Why not a sporty crossover?  Something like the X6? The ugliest car in the Lexus lineup is the GX ... I think they should have really thought that one through.
  8. My vote goes for the IS Concept. Reason is that the GS Concept (LF-Gh) was also unveiled 4 months ahead of its actual launch. Following this pattern, an IS Concept showing in september 18th is just 4 months away from its debut at the NAIAS. Now, I also think that  a GS F Concept would make sense as well since a member of Club Lexus has already confirmed it to be under production. The CX Concept is also another one which makes a lot of sense, targeted in a European motor show (the biggest one), many many rumors about it already, executives confirming it's coming...
  9. 2014 will be a CX and new IS, 2015 will be LF-LC coupe and convertible and a GS coupe
  10. 4 months before NAIAS... Hmmm.
  11. IS coupe with turbo charged petrol engine. ;-)
  12. don't know i feel a GS-Coupe 
  13. An IS Sport Combi maybe if it's gonna be first shown in Europe ?
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