Lexus IS-C Body Kit from Aimgain

Aimgain Body Kit for the Lexus IS Convertible

Japanese tuner Aimgain has a Lexus IS-C body kit that really changes the look of the convertible:

According to Club Lexus, the two bumpers and side skirts run $3,650 USD — add in the front fenders ($1290), the rear wide quarter panels ($2199), and the LED daytime running lights ($590), and you’re looking at a total cost of $7,729 USD for the complete kit.

Is it worth the cost? That’s a matter of opinion, but a reader emailed me this photo from Japanese magazine VIPCar, and it’s hard to argue with the results:

Lexus IS Convertible with Aimgain Kit by VIPCar Magazine

[Source: Aimgain] (Thanks Charles!)


  1. Personally not quite like the front bumper & front fender , but the rest is awesome .
  2. Slap the IS-F engine & running gear in this & the new spindle grill on it & it would be BAD #@*!
  3. THN

    ugly rims, ugly bodykit - no thanks.
  4. naw not @ all going for the whole thanks
  5. It's so sexy car ... And Not hight price