Details on the 2013 Lexus IS F Suspension Changes

2013 Lexus IS F

For the third year in a row, Lexus has revised the IS F suspension with the 2013 model, focusing on further improvements to turn-in response and dynamics.

For a better understanding of the changes, My.IS site administrator jruhi4 reached out to Lexus and found out the full story.

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  1. I hope someone can do some review on it !
  2. I dont want improvments on the current model. I love the current model but I want the ISF 2.0 now with the new front end and engine changes
  3. And interior changes too!
  4. off topic,but this is goood news for the entire company,toyota ts030 took second place in the 6hour of silverstone and recored the fastest lap of the race in just its second race!.
    • This is awesome news. Toyota had proven its prowess in reliability and now engine and aerodynamics. If they keeps this up they'll be able to secure a great future :-)
    • Too bad the fuel consumption is slightly let down on the TS030 , which made it required another pit stop for fuel ... but when it's racing close with R18 e-Tron , it's an insane fight over the two !
    • that was the only reason audi won the race,because the TS030 fuel comsumption, agian it is a new car and its just it second race. I hope they can do something about that for the next race in Brazil. i know next year that wont be a problem, Toyota will bring a bigger budget, new engine already being develop.We are gonna win a race before the end of this season i'm sure about that,but next year it's gonna be a very exited one.Toyota ts030 and lexus LFA  right of the bat blowing everyone right of the  water,Toyota mean business.
    • Wanted to write about this so bad -- too bad there were was no way to tie it into Lexus somehow.
    • We'd forgive you if you had. Lexus after all is a Toyota product.
    • We'd forgive you if you had. Lexus after all is a Toyota product.
    • HYBRIDS or TMG, i see alot of lexus news related to TMG. LS, LFA,, lol I don't know.
  5. Been thinking about a new IS F in spring...I love my 2010, but its ROUGH. Part of its charm.
  6. hmmm with this most recent update for the ISF does that mean we aren't going to see a next gen ISF for about another 2- 3 years?
    • The new IS is expected to debut at the Detroit Auto Show in January -- I expect that a new IS F will follow, though it will likely be at least one year before it's released. 
    • Not necessarily.  The IS F is already a production car it does not fall under the same category as a GS F or maybe someday an LS F. I think there's a reason why the IS has been held back this long. I believe the full range will be released at the same time showing off what Lexus will start to offer. It's true that it is the "smallest" car but it's the only one with a production F variant. If all the GS ads  we've seen were some sort of indication then the IS ads will probably blow our minds.