EVO Magazine: Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Engine “doesn’t feel as special as” Lexus LFA V10

Lexus LFA vs. Ferrari Berlinetta

New for 2012 is the 730-hp Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, and by most accounts, it’s an amazing vehicle — and yet, tucked away in a sidebar of EVO Magazine’s review of the new Ferrari is some some very significant praise for the Lexus LFA:

Closer in concept to the F12 is the Lexus LFA. It’s massively outgunned by the F12 and more expensive, too, but we think it’s more than the sum of its beautiful carbon and titanium parts, and not even the F12’s V12 feels as special as that searing 552bhp 4.8-litre V10. Its £340,000 and its gearbox is simply outclassed by the F12’s…and yet we wouldn’t like to say which is the more involving drivers’ car without trying them back to back. The LFA is really that good.

For EVO to put the LFA up against a brand-new Ferrari and not be able to choose which supercar drives better — to me, that seems even more significant than the LFA winning last year’s comparison against the outgoing 599 GTO. Very heavy praise, indeed.

[Source: EVO Magazine via Club Lexus]


  1. Every single manufacturer in the world except (hyundie&co, not a real car company any ways.) they want the LFA V10. Detroit is trash talking it all day but deep down inside they wish they can come close to that kind of tech. 
    • blah detroit, haha come on dude dont even waste your breath on there engines, they are complete garbage. As for the LFA every reviewer out there knows the engine in the LFA is special given the amount of time they spent on that girl.
  2. CAR magazine had similar, if not more, praise for the LFA last year against the then upcoming Aventador, saying flat out the LFA was the better driver's car. They allowed the Lambo to save face, saying it has more supercar swag/appeal on the street.... BD
    • They should have compared the Lexus LFA NE edition to the Ferrari would have been better maybe would have smashed the ferrari even more
  3. woah!..nobody expected that! 
  4. F1

    Yeah the LFA is work of art.. Detroit lol.. Biggest rubbish engines and cars there are..
  5. Evo actually usually has some sense, especially when it come to the LFA!
  6. I think it time they bring the LFA NE along. but wait, it probably too fast for these cars to handle. LFA engine is a racing engine not 0 to 60, it about accelarating from the exit of a slow corner in second gear and accelarating flat to top speed. Formula 1 style
  7. LOL I can see the LFA hater crying over this !  BUT BUT BUT MOMMY !!! THE LFA IS SUPPOSED TO SUCK !! WHAAAAAA
  8. If I could have only three supercars the LFA would definitely be one of them along the F12 which is also a work of art but my ultimate dream car remains the Keonigsegg Agera R.