Lexus LFA Beats Ferrari 599 GTO in EVO Magazine Comparison

EVO Magazine: Lexus LFA vs. Ferrari 599 GTO

Finally managed to read the full Lexus LFA vs. Ferrari 599 GTO comparison from EVO Magazine, and it’s an absolute barnburner — believe me, I’d like nothing more than to keep the ending as a surprise, but the closing paragraphs is just too good not to quote:

What marks out the LFA for particular praise is its bravery and originality; for Lexus to create such a car from scratch, with no evolutionary engineering or existing bias from which to work, is a remarkable achievement. Innovative, extreme, immaculately executed and exquisite to drive, it’s the greatest high-performance car Japan has ever produced.

Get hung up on the badge and you’ll be blind to its magic. Revel in its rarity, its rare abilities and the fact we’re unlikely to see its like again and you’ll understand why the LFA is one of the greats, and why this test ends with three unexpected, hard-won and thoroughly deserved words: Lexus beats Ferrari.

Wow. Lexus has created a machine so extraordinary that it’s capable of besting Ferrari’s flagship model in a head-to-head comparison by the best automotive magazine currently available. What an amazing achievement — don’t waste any time, you have to read this article.

Download the EVO Lexus LFA vs. Ferrari 599 GTO Comparison (PDF)