I know this really did off topic a bit , but then it's about 2012 Lexus ES & 2012 Lexus IS , which is 2 of 4 car that deem as "poor" result on this new style test , I hope the 2013 model of both Lexus ES & Lexus IS can have better result on this sort of test ... IMO , it's really important to carry out test like this when accident nowadays happens a lot like this . I doesn't wanna talk much about other cars in the videos & the results , although the only car that get "good" is one of my favorite car maker after TMC .
Wow!!! unbelievable option.  ES with "advanced pre collision system"  In Canada, you can buy 2013 Lexus ES with "advanced pre collision system" if you add The Technology Package. In US, "advanced pre collision system" is  is an option for the LS and LS hybrid. inquired to Lexus USA, I have to buy this car in a Canadian Lexus dealer if I need "advanced pre collision system" . I don't understand why Lexus U.S.A. only offer the Pre-Collision System (PCS) with Dynamic Radar Cruise Control in 2013 ES model. I like "advanced pre-collision system" because it comes with an Active Pedestrian Detection System.