World’s First Production Two-Tone Lexus LFA

The world’s first production bicolored Lexus LFA has been delivered to the USA:

Lexus LFA Bicolor Rear

Lexus LFA Bi-Color Steel Grey & Black

The Pearl Gray roof pillars blends in perfectly with the LFA’s sloping front & rear windshields — contrast that with the Metallic Silver body, and we have a great looking color scheme.

(Personally, I’m a huge fan of blacked-out roofs — fantastic to see a factory painted LFA incorporate the look.)

[Source: Club Lexus]


  1. Very good looking .
  2. Whyis the LFA a limited production vehicle? Why is it so expensive? ARGHH!!! That two tone LFA is so frigging good looking! Damn, I forgot to bring a change of trousers.
  3. Nice! It would look even better with those 21″ PUR Wheels.
  4. Bet the pictures don't do it justice.Would love to see it in person!
  5. Not Much of a Fan of this color But regardless is still and lfa still Sexy 
  6. Not a fan per se; White on black on the other hand would inspire some Kanye West type lyrics from me.
  7. Love it.  Harkens back to '90s sportscar styling.  
  8. Jay

    Nice color combo. It also makes it easier to picture the LF-A as a convertible should Lexus ever decide to produce it. Would love to see one in starfire pearl with a black roof.