Motor Trend Compares the Lexus LFA & Acura NSX

I wasn’t planning on posting this video from Motor Trend’s Jonny Lieberman comparing the Lexus LFA and Acura NSX, but feel compelled after emails from multiple readers — here’s the eighteen minute video that I don’t recommend watching:

Long story short: Lieberman loves the NSX and hates the LFA, and makes no effort to hide it.

This in itself wouldn’t be so bad, but there’s a calculated desperation to Lieberman’s complaints about the LFA, with constant references to the Lexus supercar being “flawed” with little explanation, comparing the LFA’s transmission to the worst modern car he’s ever driven (the Smart TwoFour, seriously?), and calling the driving experience “squirrelly”, “hard to live with” and “annoying”.

All the editorial hyperbole ends up being very tiring and makes for awkward viewing, especially at the end of the video, as we watch Lieberman cruising up and down the 2nd Street Tunnel in the LFA, a big smile on his face.

(The only other time I’ve seen such a skewed review of the LFA is from…wait for it…Motor Trend last year.)