2013 Lexus LS F SPORT Revealed!

2013 Lexus LS F SPORT Revealed

Only days away from its official reveal, Chinese website XCAR has published photos of what looks to be the 2013 Lexus LS F SPORT:

2013 Lexus LS F SPORT Revealed

If accurate, this new LS F SPORT features the most aggressive interpretation of the Lexus spindle grille yet, with a full chrome surround and even a blacked out front bumper. Add the super-tinted windows and hybrid LED headlights, and the Lexus flagship sedan looks downright hostile.

Here’s the LS from another angle:

2013 Lexus LS F SPORT Rear

Here we see an overall design similar to the existing LS, though with some added sharpness and plenty of inspiration from the 2013 GS — let’s put it side-by-side with the 2012 model for good measure:

2013 LS vs 2012 LS

Despite any resemblance, the exterior changes give the LS a different character — especially in this F SPORT trim.

Still, considering that highly polished images aren’t always the best representation of a vehicle, and we have yet to see the interior, I’m going to wait until the actual reveal in San Francisco next Monday before coming to any real conclusions.

What are your initial impressions?

[Source: XCAR via Club Lexus & Autoblog.nl]


  1. Wow, I think it's a looker. Very distinct from other manufacturers and even it's stable mates, but very much the 'new' Lexus.  I just hope the driving dynamics support it's aggressive looks. 
  2. They're only facelift ! I was hoping for ALL-NEW !
    • Facelift so what? The current LS is like 1000yrs head of its time, the engine is extremley good, drivetrain good, interior good, styling is beautiful and the car is more reliable then a wood burning stove.. The mild facelift is all the LS really needs..
  3. Omg the face of this car is bad ass
  4. wheels look aggressive 20's and front end is bawalterdwilliams@hotmail.complimentd to the bone.
  5. MEH! I was expecting a LOT of changes! :< :[
  6. I am hoping the same best work from you in the future as well.
  7. Actually, I don't think the photos are real. I think these are PhotoChopped. We'll know for sure in a few days.
    • Lexus always photoshops facelifts. (; Check out all of the LX 570 pictures! You'll find identical pictures with and without the spindle grille!
    • It looks pretty real to me. The blacked out grille may be photoshoped.
    • I think it is a Photoshop fake for the following reasons: 1. The paint on the rear bumper doesn't reflect light correctly (looks too dull) 2. I doubt Lexus would select the LS to blackout the front bumper, even on a F-Sport model (although, it does look better blacked-out) I like the front in this pic but I just don't believe it's legit. As I said before, we'll know for sure in a few more days.
    • I agree, those rear lights aren't really "Lexus like", they're too blacked out. Either way I like it! I was hoping for a complete redesign though, because the LS is overdue for one. 
  8. Hmm,looks like 35% photochopped.....but it's not bad! and whats with those lights or circle thing at the front bumper? those are some small as fog lights lol(if it is)
  9. The front end really means business. It's as if it's been Fiva Axis tuned already.
  10. F1

    WOW! That's very exquisite, look at how unique that is!! In comparison to the bland and saturated German S-class/7 series/A8 which look bland, generic and look tje same as their entry level models!
  11. That is just plain mean!....and i love it!
  12. I drive an '11 LS right now, and this thing looks amazing.  Love that front end, it'll put the proper amount of terror into German luxury buyers.
  13. woooooooow ,what a mean looking machine!!!
  14. hmmm love the front but not really feeling the back it seems to similar to one of there toyotas from back then imo
  15. Man, do I hate being right all the time! the current car's design is a winner, and they didn't throw it away and start over, which was smart. Looks pissed off, man!! But they hardly touched the rear end. The inside should be the real story. After 5 years of development, I expect major changes there..... BD
    • Based on your post 4 months ago, you're actually 88% wrong. BlackDynamiteNYCollapseMy predictions on what The Next LS will be:1.  The styling up front we've seen.  The rear end won't copy the new ES/GS, but will be similar.  The area between the A and C-Pillars, the "greenhouse" won't change much at all. 2.  Interior materials will be upgraded, and interior volume will grow slightly, without much change to the wheelbase/length.  Similar to what happened with the Toyota Camry and Lexus GS. 3.  5.0 V8 from the ISF will be used, but tuned to 400HP, torque increased, and the engine note/high-revving nature neutered.  LS500 becomes the name. 4.  The hybrid loses AWD as a standard feature, and loses weight overall by over 400 lbs over the LS600hL.  EPA MPG:  25/30.  Power goes up slightly to 450HP. 5.  Weight will hover around 4250 for the LWB LS500, save 100 lbs for the base car.  The hybrid will come in around 4500 lbs.  AWD model about the same. 6.  Car gains displacement, about 20 HP, and EPA economy goes up to 18/26/21.  Lighter weight is a benefit here. 7.  Sport Pkg is optional, but a new LSF model adds a turbo-charger to the V8, taking power to 550HP 8.  Price for car will rise significantly, becoming similar to the Germans.  SWB starts at $75k.  LWB starts at $80k.  Hybrid price drops to around $100k.  LSF is $130k.If Lexus is really "bullish" on the hybrid, they should consider having the SWB "base car" be the hybrid model, at $75k, and the LWB be the standard V8 only, starting at $80k.  But then the power would be similar to the ICE V8, not superior.BD
    • Excuse me, rider of my jock, but all we know is how the car looks.  And I pretty much nailed that part. We'll learn the rest Monday night...... BD
    • No, just calling you out on your BS.  No wonder why people flame you on other sites.  But this site is safe territory for you, a safe haven, isn't it? And, like you'll learn on Monday, I'm right and you've been wrong.
    • Well, you were just wrong today, while I was right.  So maybe you can redeem yourself on Monday? But how would you be right anyway?  What predictions have you ever made?   You care enough about my predictions to go back 4 months to find them. Doubt you have the guts to make any calls.  And if you did, nobody would care anyway...... BD
    • Alright, enough of this. I'm not interested in the oneupmanship, and ask that both of you let it drop.
  16. Oh-Emm-Geeh! The front looks bonkers! I love this it.... Photoshopped or not, the black out bumper needs to stay. Totally gives the big daddy so much more character than the GS F Sport. At least it differentiates itself from its lil siblings, as it should for being the flagship.
  17. Seriously this looks so awesome
  18. AutoSpies has a similar feature on the 2013 S-Class with plenty of pictures. This is a better looking car, I'm sorry...... BD
  19. So in other words... I called this one correctly! I can't believe there are some surprised folks in here, that this is only another refresh/facelift. There have been MANY credible reports from credible people, that the "new" 2013 LS was nothing but a facelifted 2012 LS. I'm not really complaining, as the car is still a stunner, IMO. But there were so many people on here and Club Lexus who were adamant there was NO way this car was going to look the same. At any rate, it's still the top of the class IMO. Now for the interior. While I love the GS/ES interior, I think the LS needs something unique to it. I hope it's not just an enhanced GS interior. We'll see. 
    • No, you actually called it a LS Hybrid F Sport in March.  No model exists or will exist for 2013.
    • There will be a hybrid F Sport in Europe.
    • I suppose James was referring to the North American market... Anyway, James has proved us that he knows more way than what we do (he might be a Lexus worker or someone who has access to private events for new models showcase). Back in March where most of us were expecting an all-new model (me myself included) he said it would be just a major model change but not a full model change as it turned out to be. I did actually had a little argument with him about how could he be so sure... James you told me to come back to that post to say whether you were right or not and since that post has its commentaries closed, I'm just able to say it here. You were right. Thanks for the insights! For those of you who are skeptical at what James says... believe him, he has already proved us what he knows.
  20. i think its the real deal....looks ammmmazinnngg
  21. This thing looks SICK! im only praying its real..too bad its only a facelift but wen u think about it, thats all this car needs. but at least they updated the tail lights as well which is all this car really needed. the LS already has a pretty nice stance, just update front to spindle grille, tweak the rear and give it a new/aggressive stance! now lets just hope the interior gets updated to the new Lexus style & not left the same like the RX
  22. This looks amazing!!!  Krew, Are you going to the reveal in SF? 
  23. I believe it's a photoshop fake. If you notice the bumper, the overhang on the end is ENORMOUS. Also, the angle it's at isn't correct. Lexus knows its customers don't want their more expensive models to in any way resemble their less expensive ones. The entire back is of the new GS until you see the diagonal line of light run across the back, slanting from right to left. Although I love the front facia, I believe this is simply a photoshop. But here's not to say the LS being unveiled on Monday doesn't look like this.... 
    • I agree. I like it but I believe it is faked. It more likely what the author hopes the next LS will look like but the rear just doesn't add up to me. I would expect more changes to the side and rear.
    • I compare the picture with the spyshot prototype unit , it looks rather alike ... the taillight , the grille & the hood (even under heavy disguise) .
    • I see what you mean. The wheels are the same as the wheels on the spy-shot car but the grill looks different. Of course the spy-shot car may not be an F-Sport, but if it isn't why would that car have the same wheels? Anyway, thanks for pointing out the similarities to the spy-shot photos: http://lexusenthusiast.com/2012/06/04/2013-lexus-ls-f-sport-spotted/
    • The spyshot car that show the grille , is normal LS , not F-Sport model ... :P
  24. Is it just me,or does the outside corner of the tail light look a wee bit odd? It's just blacked out.
  25. Well it appears the side profile has remained the same, unless this be a photoshop. If so, the new one will probably have their new door handles like on the GS. Otherwise if this be real, it looks damn nice. I really, really like the spindle grille here. Side being the same, theyre probably using some carry over panels there.. and thats loooow for a lexus. Really, really awesome! Cant wait to see inside
  26. Wow.... No words! The front is just a grand spanking beaut of a car. Side view is pretty sleek, but I don't know if I like the new tail lights. It's a little too dark red for me and doesn't really pop out.
  27. Will they have all models launch at the same time this fall?  Or will they bring out the Hybrid and/or F-Sport early next year? I would hold a couple of models back for next year..... BD
  28. J B

    Darth Vader meets Megatron - Lexus has come back with a vengeance. Wow!!
  29. Love the site, agree love to find cool websites
  30. MT

    They have to bring the petrol and petrol-hybrid at the same time. Other wise it will be like with the GS, most people that want one at the time will buy the normal one instead of waiting for the hybrid. Which is sad cause the hybrid is one hell of a machine (so is the standard one, but the hybrid is just more so).  
  31. Imagine seeing this in your rear view ? Badass. 
  32. Looks like Lexus, as part of their aggressive image overhaul, is getting away from featuring new car designs in silver, and is consistently using gun-metal grey instead (The new GS, ES and now LS are all first seen in this color) BD
  33. I'm thinking the photos (at leas the photo which gives a head-on view) is authentic. MotorTrend posted about this supposed 2013 LS, and here's a quote from the article: "Lexus officials all but confirmed the authenticity of the shots Thursday morning, asking us if we were inquiring about the 'LS photos that leaked.'” Unless Lexus had a serious lapse in their wording etiquette, I don't think they'd use the confirming words, unless there was real truth to these photos. Read more: http://wot.motortrend.com/2013-lexus-ls-460-f-sport-photos-leaked-by-chinese-car-blog-238575.html#ixzz21lKvx58u
  34. I think these photos are fake it looks basically the same I think the Chinese site just did some tweaking, THIS NOT THE REAL CAR
    • Yeah, looks just like the old LS except they changed the front. The front itself is a possible chop of the GS, and some bits of the FRS in there.
  35. looks good i was hoping they might also change the back too..it doesnt look bad. I guess they mainly wanted the new grill and get the new F sport. Because pretty much all luxury car have a sport version. S class with AMG, bimmer with M7 or alpina does Audi has one? so lexus is not leaving its LS out of the competition. Will have to see how the F sport compares with its Sport rivals 
  36. I love it.....very aggressive....really happy to see the reflector pads in rear and the gas filler moved to driver side......can't wait to see other versions and the 600H for sure.....good work if it is legit
    • The gas filler was already on the driver side on the current model.  The picture of the current model is a reflection; take a look at the Lexus logo and the model name and you'll see there's something wrong.
    • That's right -- I flipped the image of the current model for comparison's sake.
  37. Sorry for another post, but someone brought to my attention that if this is the real deal it would be similar to when Lexus launched the 2nd Generation LS which had almost the exact same side profile with different front/rear designs and interior as far as visuals with the 1st Gen. Those body styles made up 20 years on the market before the 3rd gen. I find this all rather interesting.
  38. Am just so in love with the front end of this car so much didn't way Lexus can make there cars look luxurious and piss off at the same time
  39. I think we'll see the regular LS460L on Monday, and Lexus will accompany it wit a press release about this vehicle and the 600hL BD
  40. This isn't photocopped because Lexus just released the picture of the LS on Twitter/Facebook and it looks like this!!!!
  41. Yea it is real no photoshop thank gawd !! Now for the interior it has to be LFCH-ish in order to compete with the rest and something tells me it's gonna be incredible!!!
  42. The front bumper reminded me of the Bugatti Galibier! But I like the spindle grill. Awesome!
  43. It's reallllllll!!!!!!!!!
  44. Cant wait for the 2015 model, decent facelift but it needed more. No one in Europe is gonna buy this
  45. I like this restyle, but the rear lights are a bit similars to the Audi A8... so I would like that this similitudes are going to be erased or improve other things in this model. What about the interior? Is closer to the anterior model? Or to the GS/ES? I hope that they will improve the design of the CT and RX... The GS for me is a bit conventional.