Two More Lexus IS Fs Spotted at Nürburgring

2014 Lexus IS F Convertible Test Mule

This may be the third day in a row for photos of the next-generation Lexus IS F development mule currently running around Nürburgring, but Motor Trend has some new information:

A Motor Trend staffer who was at the ‘ring tells us the blue Lexus IS F (shown below) “had something nasty under the hood,” and it “sounded very mean.” From the photos, this IS F looks to be race-prepped; it’s got NACA ducts on its hood, hood pins, and a full roll cage.

2012 Lexus IS F with Roll Cage

The red Lexus IS F looked to be stock, but was chasing a gorgeous blue right-hand drive Toyota Supra around the track. Why? We’re not quite sure.

Lexus IS F & Toyota Supra

Not just the IS F convertible mule, but one race-prepped Ultrasonic Blue IS F & one seemingly normal Matador Red IS F in a duel with a Toyota Supra — the plot thickens…

[Source: Motor Trend]


  1. Engineers having fun! That's when the best stuff are imagined!
    • Indeed! My beloved MR2 Roadster was the product of a skunk works project not sanctioned by Toyota management.
  2. Ahhhhhh Chasing a Supra, WHY?!? This is crazy exciting I cannot wait to hear more nex gen IS F news. 
  3.  Maybe they put a 2JZ into that blue ISF ;)
  4. I thinking a lightweight version of the ISF for the blue one like the M3 competition pack... 
  5. hmm i just noticed they don't have an F badge on them. Are they really ISF or the next gen in the F body?
  6. MAN!!! im wayyy too curious cud be a next gen Supra chassis under the ISF & they testing to see if it can match or out perform Supra...OR they cud just be having fun but this is far too interesting
    • MD

      The Supra is way outdated. I am not sure if you realize a stock IS-F can destroy a Supra around Nurburgring with much issues so it is the poorest example to use as a benchmark. It is merely a pace car and the same blue Supra turbo was used as a pace car for Lexus LFA testing back in 2006.
  7. I just realize the Supra have stock wheels ... o_o
  8. i think Lexus is testing these mules to compare which body style is well suited for ISF-C,IS-F convertiable and sedan and incorparate them into the LF-LC design personally  i am more exicited  this IS then previous generations
  9. This is now officially more exciting than the lame BMW m3/m4 prototype. I wanted to know what is under the blue IS hood so badly. Worst case scenario it will be the 5.0 V8 with a straight pipe. xD
  10.  I like the ending: "the plot thickens…" Waiting...
  11. what if THE IS convertible is a mule for the NG_SUPRA?????????????????????
  12. MT

    Any chance the IS-F will get the rear steering? Would be awesome!
  13. I think if they simply totally redesign the complete induction from bumper to the head. Make it more like the lfa. They should be 110 bhp per 1000cc easy so 550bhp I think 460 bhp would not be a big ask. And a reduction in waight.
  14. they should make a new sc300!! Anyone?