2014 Lexus IS Mule Spotted at Nürburgring!

A next-generation Lexus IS development mule has been spotted at the Nürburgring, and Edmunds Inside Line has some photos:

2014 Lexus IS F Convertible

2014 Lexus IS F Convertible

Dressed up like a never-made IS F convertible, this test mule revealed elements of the rear suspension after engineers put the car on a lift at the Nürburgring and didn’t close the garage doors:

Lexus IS Rear Suspension Aluminum

As Inside Line notes, this suspension appears to be based on the new GS setup:

Aluminum lower control arms replace the steel arms used on the current IS F, a nod to the fact that at 3,812 pounds, the current IS F sedan isn’t exactly a lightweight. Separate dampers and springs replace the coil-over configuration in the existing IS.

Now does this test mule mean that we’ll see a next-generation IS F convertible? It’s possible, but I can’t see it being available at launch — rather, I’m going to guess that Lexus is incorporating the handling improvements made to the 2011 IS F into the standard model, and chose to test using a convertible body.

What does everyone else think?

See more information & photos at Inside Line


  1. I'm hoping IS-F Coupe or IS-F Convertible too ... :P
  2. Just when BMW moved to steel! aha Lexus keeps WINNING!
  3. wat does the term 'mule' really mean?
  4. The mule is most likely to test a coupe body style 
  5. WTF

    hmmm im not feeling the back end of the car hope its just a disguise...
  6. How about a curb weight under 3600? BD
  7. I gotta say... That muscular, bulging front matches the rear of the IS C!
  8. Did nobody spot the bulged hood and the front bumper?
  9. When I first saw this, I saw the gills on the side, bonnet bulge and IS-F front grille and bumper as well as LFA Nurburgring Package style wheels. So imy guess: IS-F convertible or IS-F coupe
  10. I am actually looking at this class of car very hard as my next purchase, and the ISF has a shot to be the best car overall in this class Audi doesn't export the RS4, the S4 isn't strong enough, and I don't consider Audi a Tier 1 maker in the US, so they're out. The C63 AMG is fast, good looking, great exhaust note, and they don't get any more powerful in this class.  And it's a sedan, which I would rather have.  No manual hurts it overall, but the ISF will have the same issue.  It is almost 2 tons, so it can lose in power-to-weight ratio.  And Top Gear said, when comparing it directly to the M3,  it's traction control system is either off, or too tight to have fun with, so it has some drivability issues.  Plus things like LSD, Leather interior (?) and Keyless start are options, not standard, so a very strong player, but not perfect. The M3 is like the ISF, waiting for a redesign.  Haven't heard much about coming in a sedan flavor.  Have heard about a tri-turbo setup at 450HP.  And a manual is a given, it's ace in hand. If Lexus can get weight down, power up, and keep it sexy, it can become a real force here..... BD
    • The C63 AMG has to much power, the traction control constantly over rides the motor, turn it off and blow out the tyre's within hours, pointless un-useable power, the motor was designed for the larger S class Mercedes, with power to weight ratio in mind, and the ride is even more brutal on the spine then the IS-F. To me it has been hit by the ugly stick, Mercedes hasn't a good designer at the moment, I really struggle to find anything beautiful about their current range of design.
    • I think the C-Class is easily one of their best looking vehicles, but the inner ugly of Mercedes is starting to take over, with the E-Class, E-Coupe, SL, SLS, CLS & M-Class all getting uglier recently. Mercedes hasn't screwed up the C-Class yet, but they will. BD
  11. Has there ever been a car design that has aged as well as the 2nd gen. IS? It still looks new and fresh! 
  12. This is definitely a mule for the new IS-F coupe with retractable or fixed bigger rear spoiler. 
  13. MT

    If BMW really does the tri-turbo, I hope for Lexus that it is the 3 Litre i6 and not the V8 that gets the turbo-Spam. Otherwise it will be something like 500+hp.  And Lexus will already have a hard time getting the 2UR-GSE to 440.
    • PG

       Since the turbo V8 is in the M5 and M6 my guess is that BMW will put a six-cylinder into the M3. One way or another, Lexus will have trouble keeping up with that torque monster considering that most of the German turbo engines seem to have (seriously) underrated official power/torque figures.
    • The 3 series BMW Alpina B3 S, 3 litre uses a bi-turbo 6 cylinder setup and produces 400 PS at 4500rpm using 9,6 litres per hundred kilometers, O to 100km/h in 4,7 Cost 63, 300 euros for the coupe. The M3 is 420 PS at 3900rpm 0 to 100km/h in 4,8 and uses 11,7 litres per hundred kilometers Cost 68,750 Euros for the Coupe. The M3 cost more, uses more fuel and is slower. The cost of maintenance is higher for forced induction engines with a shorter life span hence why Lexus Toyota has moved away for it. Toyota wrote the book about twin turbo with the Supra 3 decades ago, they simple have moved forward since then. The up rising of multi turbo engines now is to meet new emission regulation set by the EU
    • P:S The IS 220d which is not available in the USA use's a variable value inside the turbo which eliminates the need for multi turbo to over come turbo lag, The IS_F has no turbo therefore no turbo lag and will respond to acceleration at any time in any gear with the twin air intake, thats the major difference between them, down shifting for power in forced induction engines, try that above 200km/h on the auto bahn. Look at my video for the IS-F running above the 200 km/h mark and watch it accelerate without a problem. Flickr whatthebrett or this link http://www.flickr.com/photos/brettssmith/5406071250/
  14. More pictures http://www.autoguide.com/auto-news/2012/07/lexus-is-f-convertible-revealed-in-latest-spy-photos.html
  15. Hi guys, At the dutch automagazine you can find the same article and some extra foto's (Sorry that the article is written in the Dutch language). http://www.autoweek.nl/autonieuws/19963/lexus-is-f-cabrio-verhult-nieuwe-generatie-is
  16. A look at the ISF's primary competitor, the 2014 BMW M3/M4: http://www.insideline.com/bmw/m3/2014/2014-bmw-m3-preview.html BD
  17. People would just calm down this is just a test mule, lexus is basically saying lets test a ISF-C with the suspesion of the GS and see how the next gen IS would handle!! 
  18. There is a 16mm difference in width between the current IS C and IS F, so it is saying if this is the new chassis for the next model it will be wider and longer, also look at the rear ride height, the wheel is sitting inside the arch, very low, either carrying a lot of weight or has been dropped dramatically. It has been a long wait, to long between new models, 6 years and counting. I have the fear that looking at the new GS it is an enlarged photocopy profile of the current IS, so what are they going to change with the new IS, is it the first in the cycle of new overall design, please don't just change the grill and call it a new car, endless updates of minor cosmetic changes is getting boring, wing mirror indicator, day time running lights, different chrome grill, very slow progression. I am yearning for the Lexus test day on the new model, always a great day out.
  19. please don't carry the same engines from before although I think Lexus will most likely do sooo
    • I agree... stop with the carry over engines ! ( Not that theres something wrong with them.. just want to see something new )
  20. I only found 3 thing that they're possibly in test ... the front bumper , the extract 2 holes is exact the same shape as spindle grille's bottom part , meant either this IS C would have spindle grille facelift , or this is mule of the next generation IS C . While the other 2 thing is the fins on the door (near the side mirror) & on the side of the taillights , Lexus only use that on new GS , new ES & facelifted LS , for aerodynamic improvement . - http://www.lexus.com/lexus-share/images/gallery/models/ISC/photos/exterior/g_ext13_ISC-485.jpg - http://www.lexus.com/lexus-share/images/gallery/models/ISC/photos/exterior/g_ext9_ISC-462.jpg - http://www.lexus.com/lexus-share/images/gallery/models/ISC/photos/exterior/g_ext12_ISC-413.jpg But the spoiler is quite ... questionable .