More Photos of the 2014 Lexus IS F Convertible Test Mule

There’s more spy photos of the next-generation Lexus IS F convertible development mule — here’s a few from Autoblog showing the test car on the Nürburgring:

2014 Lexus IS F Convertible Front

2014 Lexus IS F Convertible Side

2014 Lexus IS F Convertible Rear also has a clearer photo of the mule’s undercarriage:

2014 Lexus IS F Convertible Undercarriage

I remain skeptical of an actual IS F convertible being released any time soon — rather, I now think it’s a coupe disguised as a convertible. Still, at this point, it’s all guesswork anyway.

[Source: Autoblog &]


  1. I expect The New IS around the Super Bowl, and the IS-F about a year later..... BD
  2.  I'm guessing it's a test mule for the production LF-LC... but I could be wrong.
  3. I've been hearing they're testing for the next IS-F Coupe and other sources say next gen IS, but who knows, its a bunch of rumors so far, but I'm glad its getting refreshed!
  4. Please please please , I want that IS-F C ! XD
  5. It's most certainly a new IS(F?) coupe. The convertible is the closest thing to a coupe that they have now so that's what they are using.
  6. It's definitely a coupe, we know that but if you look at the side details and the grille to the rear you can see some current F features on the current ISF. Since this is the ISC they're probably going to create an ISCoupe and possibly an ISCoupe F/FSport. We'll see!
  7. Cant wait for a real IS coupe, none of the hardtop convertible bloated coupe, I mean real dedicated coupe! cant wait! 
  8. If you want to sell convertibles, than make a convertible. Lexus has to make a soft top convertible. Hard top convertibles don't sell. Convertible owners want a soft top not a HARD TOP. Look at the dismal number of convertibles sold by Lexus and Infiniti. Compare that to the number of convertibles sold by BMW, Audi, and Mercedes. The difference is a soft top convertible. Toyota's Solara Convertible are still prized by convertible owners. Make a soft top convertible and you will outsell BMW, Audi, and Mercedes !