New Lexus LS to Debut on July 30th

Lexus LS F Sport

According to the Lexus UK Facebook page, the new Lexus LS is set to debut on July 30th in California. Also confirmed is the release of a LS F SPORT, a performance variant of the flagship sedan that was first teased in a Lexus UK video in March.

No other details at this time, here’s the full Lexus UK update:

On Monday 30th July Lexus will reveal a new flagship model in California. The LS range will soon include the all-new LS F Sport! We’ll have more information over the coming weeks.

I’m not aware of any California autoshows scheduled for July 30th, so it will be interesting to see how the LS is revealed — luckily, it’s not too long to wait. Exciting news!

[Source: Lexus UK Facebook] (Thanks Matt!)