More Information on the 2013 Lexus LS

Lexus LS F Sport

More information on the 2013 Lexus LS has been released — here’s the U.S. press release:

Lexus will hold the World Premiere of the new Lexus LS flagship sedan at a special invitation-only event in San Francisco on Monday, July 30.

The 2013 LS will be available as the LS 460, LS 460 L long wheelbase, LS 600h L hybrid sedan and the all-new LS 460 F SPORT.

The LS will continue the trend started with the GS & the ES 350, and see its engines carried over from the existing model — there’s also no mention of the much-rumored V6 hybrid LS.

The LS event will be streamed live on both the Lexus USA website and Facebook on July 30th — more details as they become available.

[Source: Lexus USA]


  1. Awww its finally in my backyard but rsvp only =/. Can someone take me!?! 
  2. Quite surprised to hear that they are not dropping the LS600h. The new gen hybrid should be running on Atkinson cycle and can expect improve fuel efficiency. There should be a V6 hybrid  for European market considering the fact that Lexus is working on a small displacement hybrid for the GS.
  3. 1.  The LS460 will be 400 HP, minimum 2.  The LS600hL will need to lose AT LEAST 500 lbs.  Dropping the standard AWD will be just the start..... 3.  The car overall should be 100-200 lbs lighter 4.  I expect to see 30 MPG HWY 5.  I also expect the car to start around $75k SWB, $80k LWB BD
  4. So is it a facelift or a whole redesign LS?
  5. Wanna bet on the on-sale date? I got October 1st (I'd say November 1st, but with the Presidential elections going on, bad time to fight for media coverage....) BD
  6. Engines are carried over? Hmm Lexus will need considerable boosts in power and torque to remain competitive..
  7. They will all have NEW engines/Transmissions at the keep people interested in it.
  8. MT

    There is not going to be a serious boost in HP.  The 1UR will get the same improvements as the 2GR in the GS. Expect hp-rating just a tad short of 400. The hybrid will loose a couple of hp for a 30+% boost in fuel economy. I expect the LS to improve more that the GS because the electric VVTi lets them tune the engine more exactly across the rev-band. Don't waste any thoughts on the Euro market. The most successful Lexus dealer here in Austria, a good firend of my father, said last year wasn't so bad after all. I asked: Why? He said: I sold an LS. So selling one LS a year is a huge thing here. 
    • PG

      You are right about not wasting any thoughts on the Euro market. However, there are other places in the world where people prefer their luxury cars with smaller, more efficient engines. Some countries have taxes on bigger engines, such as China and a number of other Asian countries. So Lexus definitely should think about offering a six-cylinder in the LS, considering their benchmark competitors have already moved down to four-cylinders (S250 CDI, A8 Hybrid).
    • F1

      The LS is a majestic vehicle, Lexus V6 engines are good, but V8 is pure.. Germans don't care about anything, all they care about are sales numbers.. That
    •  "Germans don't care about anything, all they care about are sales numbers.." And you know this because of... Seriously, I get the enthusiasm for Lexus here, but such comments are baseless and silly and simply untrue. Toyota cares about sales and profits like any other business. Businesses exist to offer a product that is in demand and make a profit, in case you didn't know this.
    • If they want to be seen as on par with the BMW 7 (450HP) and the S-Class (429 HP), they better bring the thunder under the hood. People buy HP. Expect 400, minimum. Unless they are saying the can't run with the Germans.... BD
    • Lexus don't want to.  Looks like new engines/transmissions aren't coming across the board until the mid-cycle refreshes hit a la BMW.
    • That would mean these enigines are then almost 10 years old. Theybare almost 6 yearsvold as we speak and realy are lagging both in perfromance and fuel consumption.....
    • Jjs

      The 2GR-FSE V6 is a very very good engine.. Nothing about it is lagging, in-fact its one of the most advanced engine.. Has dual-injection (D4-S) and many other technological feat.. Certainlybetter then the turbocharged real-world fuel guzzling engines found in the German cars..
    • MT

      But there is no 2GR-FSE in the LS.  It is the 1UR-FSE and 2UR-FSE. They are also very good engines, refined and powerful. But as they are lagging behind in fuel efficiency (at least in Europe) behind every single vehicle of the competition (7er, S-Class, A8) by at least 20% AND 40-ish horsepowers I would say the engines have to be high up on the priority list.
  9. nice to hear Lexus didn´t dropped the LS 600h. And it doesn´t mean Lexus will not add any new engines in the near future. e.g. Smaller hybrid option and V6 engine for the asian markets. And don´t forget the LS "TMG" in the works here in germany. twin-turbo V8 engine with 650 hp. Should be enough for the most of us! :-)
  10. I'm going to be in China or Hong Kong or Japan! Of all times for the vehicle to debut within a day's drive from LA... Ugh. I'd totally crash the party if I weren't invited!
  11. New transmission is a must. new gen s class will get a 9 gear tranny and hyundai is developing 10 shift tranny , so Lexus must not overlook. competition is getting tougher, don't make ls like 7 series no luxury at all. please throw more world-first as standard features. remember the first gen of LS full of suprises. scared the hell out of s class will make a perfect storm for
  12. Transmissions aren't HP ratings.  The biggest number doesn't win.  That's not how it works. You really want a 10-12 speed tranny?  Why? BD
    • If Lexus is serious about taking on the Germans and winning more sales, Lexus will have to add gears.
    • Lexus have had 8-speed auto since 2007.  They LED the competition.  No more gears, please since 8 gears are too many already.   If more than that we are better getting CVTs. Upgraded engines, revised shifts patterns, sport tuned suspension, more MPG in city.  
  13. I'm hoping that the fact that a hybrid F Sport is not mentioned is because this is a US launch,and the European version will be shown later.