Lexus June 2012 Sales Report

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Lexus USA has reported total sales of 20,022 for June 2012, for a big jump of 79.0% over last year — here it is model-by-model:

MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
2012 2011 % CHG* 2012 2011 % CHG*
CT 1,387 240 456.5 9,446 3,768 147.4
HS 10 159 -93.9 622 1,357 -54.8
IS 2,572 1,631 51.9 14,194 13,015 7.6
ES 3,780 2,158 68.7 18,265 16,596 8.6
GS 2,020 286 580.1 11,070 2,080 425.3
LS 476 459 -0.1 3,036 4,201 -28.7
SC 0 2 -100.0 2 17 -88.4
LFA 2 7 -72.5 24 29 -18.3
Total Cars 10,247 4,942 99.7 56,659 41,063 36.2
RX 8,641 5,141 61.9 44,017 39,838 9.1
GX 808 558 39.4 4,888 5,636 -14.4
LX 326 132 137.8 2,568 1,473 72.1
Total Trucks 9,775 5,831 61.4 51,473 46,947 8.2
Total Sales 20,022 10,773 79.0 108,132 88,010 21.3

Please note, all percentages are calculated by the Daily Sales Rate (DSR), which takes into account the number of days in the month that dealerships could sell cars. June 2012 had 27 selling days, June 2011 had 26 selling days.

Like last month, the only two volume models to show a sales decrease are the now-discontinued HS and the LS — every other model jumped at least 39% (!!!).

Of course, these staggering gains are due to last year’s lack of inventory as Japan dealt with the tsunami aftermath, and should really be viewed as Lexus sales getting back to normal levels.

That said, the fourth-generation GS has averaged over 2,000 sales a month since its debut — here’s how competitors are performing in the USA:

While the GS is in no position to catch the 5-series or E Class, the 425.3% increase over last year pushes Lexus into third place in the segment — impressive results for a sedan that was almost cancelled.


  1. The GS is doing a good job, and should make it through the year without many incentives, reaching over 20k sales Next year, they will need to set up a nice structured lease program. And of course, add a GSF, to keep the fire lit under the market...... BD
  2. With all those improvement GS still can't beat Merc E and Bimmer 5 series in terms of sales, I am very disappointed. Lexus, you should try harder then. 
    • PG

       It was clear from the beginning that the GS wouldn't be able to beat the 5er and the E simply because of their reputation and market dominance over the last decade. What astonishes me are the Audi A6's sales figures. That thing sells almost as well as the GS! Never knew Audi was this strong in this segment in the US (globally, I think the A6 is the segment sales leader).
    • The E class sells well because it has a great reputation and is probably the most "balanced" car in its class that. With balance I mean competent handling, comfortable and spacious cabin, a reputation for safety and it also comes in a variety of engine choices (E350, E350 Bluetec, E550 4Matic and E63 AMG), so there are choices for everyone here. It's a car with many strengths that does nothing wrong. Like I've just stated (and many reviews, to), it's a very balanced car. I should know this because I own one - an E350 convertible, which doesn't drive much different from the sedan. Give it some time and the GS could sell better over time. However, what still irks me about the new GS is its complete focus on sport. The majority of consumers prefer a balanced ride that offers competent handling and comfort (I am one of them). A GS or 5 series is to sporty, to harsh for my tastes.
    • F1

      The E-class & 5-series are the Pretty much bread & butter models.. For one, the 5er has a cheaper starting price then the Lexus (POVERTY PACK)
  3. MT

    I am not so sure about that. After driving in E-Class, 5er and an A6 with the S-Line suspension i thought that the E-Class was the harshest and least comfortable of those three. And the E-Class was standard equipped, no sporty lowering springs  or anything.
  4. Great that u linked to other brand sales krew..But i see that Lexus need new IS and a new smaller SUV, like the Bmw X3.  Good to see that Lexus is selling much better again.
  5. Does anyone eles think that when the 2013 ES goes on sale in August that it is going to eat into GS sales?  I know they are two different cars - Lux vs Sport.  However, when I look at the specs and photos of the ES and GS - I just think that alot of people are going to cross shop when in the showroom and going to see the ES lower price. Then if you throw into the mix the new IS which I see growing in size since the ES is show much bigger.  They may have a hard time pushing the GS out the door without some major incentives by this time next year.
    • There will always be a degree of sales cannibalization within a brands portfolio. In the case of ES vs GS, I don't think the percentages of switching buyers won't be that high. The way I see it, the ES will continue to sell because of its attractive price and value-for-money. The GS will be an interesting car for those seeking something a bit more stylish and with more driving character. I think the average consumer has enough brains to see that the ES will be more sedated and comfortable than the sportier GS so depending on what they want, they'll get the right car. Personally, the ES is more appealing to me from a driving perspective (comfort-biased) but I still can't get excited in regards to its styling, which is a mess in my humble opinion. I'd say the first two ES generations looked fresh and interesting (despite their obvious visual Camry-roots). Ever since, the ES has looked rather plain and, well, boring, I'm afraid.
  6. Give the GS some time. as time goes its sales will increase.
  7. The E-Class is the ugliest car in the class...... By a lot! BD
  8. Far and away Lexus is offering the most attractive lease of the big 3. In the Harrisburg, PA area, you can lease a $56K GS 350 AWD for $559 mo. for 27 mos. with $3,609 down. The 36 mos. leases from BWM and MB are about $100 higher for a 36 mos. lease and require even more money down. Give it time and the new GS will attract some of those BMW and MB buyers.