CarAdvice Reviews the Lexus RX 270

Lexus RX 270

While on the topic of the Lexus RX 270’s launch in Australia, CarAdvice has a review of the 2.7L four-cylinder edition of the crossover.

(Neat fact: Because of the smaller engine, the RX 270 is 300 lbs. lighter than the RX 350.)

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  1. Joe

    A hybrid version of this one perhaps would be a good idea for Europe, don't you think?  Why no RX 300h in the line-up? 
  2. I have driven this car a couple of times now and am much more impressed than I thought I would be. I found the engine noisier than this reviewer but kind of enjoyed it, as it felt a bit rawer and more involving. The car felt smaller than the 350/450 not sure if this is because of the weight, 2WD or my imagination! It also felt much punchier than its power output and 0-100 km time would suggest. I think Lexus will sell a lot of these in Australia. I'm surprised Europe don't consider it.
    • Joe

       The hybrid 450h gets much better fuel economy and CO2 figures.  Therefore a petrol 270 doesn't make any sense in a highly 'dieselized' European market.
    • F1

      The RX450h is way more expensive
    • but if they sold it as RX300h it will not be expensive and it will even have less CO2 and better fuel economy than the RX450h
    • I've driven cars with 300kW and seriously the V6 in the RX350, Camry, Aurion etc 2GR-FE is very powerful and linear power.. It's so smooth and unruffled that your doing 120Km/h and you don't know.. Every time I drive a car with the 2GR-FE it never ceases to excite me.. Other engine with like 300kW V8's and other V6's may have more power at the Crank.. But they seem like their working very hard to make power.. The 2GR-FE makes power so effortlessly and remains in composure, unruffled power plant really..
  3. I forgot that Europe only took the RX450. I agree that it is strange that they don't provide a smaller hybrid for this market, as having only the RX450 means a high starting price for this model.
  4. Could really do with this in the UK; the RX used to be about £35k in the UK but the Mk 3 only available as 450H has pushed the starting price up by about £10k, how many miles do you have to do to offset the MPG difference and save £10k?!
  5. Does any know if the RX without the f-sport has been tuned for better handling? And if the F-sport Rx has a louder intake as the GS f-sport has?
  6. I was trying to find out if they're about to launch RX270 in Europe, the answer is simply no. Dealers say that even they have only a fraction of market share they're ok with that, and they don't want to confuse customers that should consider RX to be luxury and not affordable luxury. Senseless to me, I'll be ok with nicely equipped diesel Q5 then..