Massive Photo Gallery of the 2013 Lexus RX Family

Lexus RX Family

The 2013 edition of the Lexus RX has reached Australia — here’s a massive photo gallery of the full RX family, including the newly available 2.7L four-cylinder RX 270:

I may have been unsure about the RX F SPORT at first, but now it’s my favorite of the three RX variants — it may be a new direction for the RX, but Lexus made it work.

[Source: Lexus Australia]


  1. I really like Spindle Grille on Lexus RX , it made RX looks much better !
  2. Does the leather look like NuLuxe?!
  3. Does any know if the RX without the f-sport has been tuned for better handling? And if the F-sport Rx has a louder intake as the GS f-sport has?
    • In Australia, all new 2012 (US 2013 - yes, Australia calls it 2012) RX models have much better ride and handling and dynamics according to many reviews. The old model was heavily criticised in Australia for poor handling. Reviewers also say it's comparable to it's German rivals.