Mystery Lexus ES Spotted in California

Motor Trend spy photographers have spotted a mystery Lexus ES in California:

Mystery 2013 Lexus ES

Mystery 2013 Lexus ES Rear

For reference, here’s a shot of the “regular” ES 350:

2013 Lexus ES

Visible differences on the mystery model are black-painted wheels and different Frankenstein rear lights — curious modifications for a car that’s already seen its public debut, and makes for some interesting speculation:

  • We could be looking at a F SPORT edition of the ES, though I would expect to see some front-end camouflage were that the case.
  • Another possibility is that this is an ES equipped with All-Wheel Drive.
  • Lastly, it could simply be a ES 350 pre-production prototype, but that hardly explains the modifications.

Take a look at the photos and tell me what you think — F SPORT, AWD, ES prototype, or something else entirely?

[Source: Motor Trend] (Thanks Chris!)


  1. possibly a lexus ES ultra luxury edition..
  2. could be an ES hybrid
  3. Hoping its an ES AWD or F hazard a guess its an AWD if anything due to the standard ride height. 
  4. motor trend claims no ES F sport or AWD model will be put into production because of the way customers prefer to "steer rather than corner" this car. But they could always be wrong.. But i still wouldnt want an ES, F sport package.
    • lexus said there was 5 f sport models this year... GS F SPORT RX F SPORT LS F SPORT AND IS F SPORT .. THE GX is out because it hasn't changed for 2013 so it might be an f s sport and LX has all its config already and I don't think a new CT is coming for 2013 as it already have the spindle gril from day 1
  5. I vote AWD. I'm sure dealers were on Lexus about adding that.  And I'm sure it would help sales in the Northeast..... BD
  6. Familiar taillight , forget where I saw it before ... AWD could be it , if it's F-Sport , they should test with bigger wheels though .
  7. this is a emissions test model. 
  8. must be the tweaked model! jk hahahaha but seriously, remove some badges and black wheels and this car would look hella cleean. I hope F-Sport, but the demographic really doesnt need that, i hardly see younger audience/enthusiasts in this car. So AWD maybe, but still wouldnt really be needed. and why cover the tails? why you confuse me lexus!? haha
  9. Don't matter if is AWD,F-Sport,etc... Why taillights have different shape from original ES 350 and hybrid? If you remember model like GS-GSh,LS-LS600L,RX-RX400h,Lexus change only the color from taillights and headlights but not shape,just I'm saying!
  10. MT

    It is just a normal ES 350. They forgot to remove the taping after the official launch.
  11. Possible European version?
  12. A large rear diffuser on ES Oo? Maybe F Sport ES I think
  13. Utt

    The Lexus ES would look cool with wheels a bit larger..
  14. 2013 ES350 F-Sport and AWD confirmed to no be available in Canada.
  15. My vote is neither on the AWD, nor the F-Sport.  That would be for the IS.  My feeling it it's just a standard ES 350 undergoing final testing/tweaking that is lightly camouflaged because it has not officially been sold on the market yet (August 2013).
  16. i am pretty sure that a AWD model of the ES would help Lexus sell this car in some parts of the world....
  17. Unrelated: Is it me or does the first image makes the ES look boring? In the third image, the ES looks elegant. Related: This camouflaged car is unlikely to be the F-Sport. The wheels are way to small. And is the rear diffuser blacked out as well?