Mystery Lexus ES Spotted in California

Motor Trend spy photographers have spotted a mystery Lexus ES in California:

Mystery 2013 Lexus ES
Mystery 2013 Lexus ES Rear

For reference, here’s a shot of the “regular” ES 350:

2013 Lexus ES

Visible differences on the mystery model are black-painted wheels and different Frankenstein rear lights — curious modifications for a car that’s already seen its public debut, and makes for some interesting speculation:

  • We could be looking at a F SPORT edition of the ES, though I would expect to see some front-end camouflage were that the case.
  • Another possibility is that this is an ES equipped with All-Wheel Drive.
  • Lastly, it could simply be a ES 350 pre-production prototype, but that hardly explains the modifications.

Take a look at the photos and tell me what you think — F SPORT, AWD, ES prototype, or something else entirely?

[Source: Motor Trend] (Thanks Chris!)