Imagining a Lexus Compact Crossover SUV

Stumbled across this Japanese magazine rendering of a Lexus RAV4-based CUV over on Club Lexus, and thought it looked rather interesting (click for a larger version):

Lexus RX RAV4

Rumors of a baby RX have been around for just about forever — it’s hard to imagine an argument against a RAV4-sized Lexus, but just like last week’s rumour of a seven-seat crossover, it might out of the concern that a smaller car-based SUV would cut into RX sales.

Still, the mini-crossover (& maxi-crossover) segments are now well established, and surely Lexus would prefer to redirect marketshare from the RX to other models in the lineup rather than lose customers to competitors — do you think Lexus should release a compact crossover?

[Source: Club Lexus]


  1. It will arrive in 2015. This is 100%. Trust me. ;-)  
    • Please provide source!
    • My source: Lexus. ;-)
    • I just realized that you were one of the users who said that there would be a face lift RX and F Sport RX for the Geneva Auto Show. That was in January when you saw the new RX. So we can be pretty sure about the upcoming Compact Crossover. Any idea about the official name, power train used or platform used? Are they going to use the CT platform or just an shrunken version of the RX platform? Thanks for the insights!
  2. I fully expect a 2014 Lexus CX and a 2015 Lexus large crossover BD
  3. Yes. Lexus is AMAZING! I think they should make a Lexus Prius! I know Lexus made the CT but they should make a Lexus version of the Prius it would be Awesome!
  4. I hope this comes out soon!
  5. I think it will come out. Looking like this? I don't know. I hope they add a little more Lexus style to this because the more I look at it the more it looks like a RAV4 and Lexus really wants to distance themselves from Toyota. But yeh, there should be one coming soon as well as the crossover like GX.
    • I think the rendering above is a good attempt, but it certainly needs more "Lexus" flavor.
    • To be honest, I really liked the rendering of the CT SUV, CX. It might be released at the same time the CT gets a face lift.
  6. A definite must and it's happening! 2014 CX300h is inevitable and so is the 2014 IS-F Coupe. Watch out everyone. If you think Lexus is making progress in 2012 you ain't seen nothing yet.
  7. That will not happen in the US. They should built it now for the rest of the world.
    • My feeling is that Lexus is trying to get away from regional vehicles, and I would expect all new vehicles to have global appeal.
    • This. Mark Templin said that by early 2014 they will have 8-9 hybrid models sold world wide. It's just about a matter of time, Lexus will eventually add all of their models to the rest of his market.
    • They will have all hybrid models. But they won't build this compact SUV since it will hurt RX sales. But they need this model for Europe. However, EU is sinking and Chineses like big car. It won't happen very soon. They always keep repeating saying that they can fight compact SUV buy the RX. Maybe RX 300h.
    • But think they should build it. Now.
  8. It would be great if Lexus brought out a rival to the BMW X1, but they would benefit more from an overhauled GX.
    • That's interesting -- I would have said the exact opposite. I think a small SUV & an IS-based coupe are the two models Lexus needs the most.
    •  A new IS coupe would be most welcome and it's reasonable to expect one within the next 12-18 months; that being said I would rather see Lexus improve their older models before branching out into new segments.
    • A small SUV (CX) and some coupes and sporty cars it's what Lexus needs at this moment. The GX needs to be redesigned, stop being a Land Cruiser Prado and be a real Lexus SUV like the RX.
  9. I definitely would consider this model 
  10. Yes. Lexus must. Would slot nicely underneath the larger RX. I am in the market and am willing to wait.  The competition has had their vehicles for a while now: A5, X1/X3, RDX, GLK, XC60. 
  11. I don't understand why we're stll talking about the smaller cross-over as a mere possibilty. It has been confirmed. It is coming.
    • Source? Apart from what Andy said? It's always good to back up your statement with a reliable source, even more when you states things like what you have said.
    • It's been confirmed by several Lexus employees;the manager of the local dealership,some international official who's name I don't recall amongst others.
  12. Im thinking this would be another disaster. I look at our sales now and its usually the young adults who are in their mid to late 20's that are buying the CT. With being said people want more space, not a compact SUV.  I am seeing a slight change in guest choices of vehices. They are going away from the RX and buying either the GX or the LX (mostly the LX) because they want the third row seats. This is not necessarily true for everyone, but its the trend here in Nashville.
    • I don't imagine we'll see another "disaster" like the HS in the foreseeable future.  Those young adults are exactly who Lexus wants to bring into the fold, and a small crossover would only increase sales to that demographic. I do agree that there needs to be a large crossover with a third row, even if it's just an extended RX.
  13. I currently HAVE two 3rd gen Lexus RX (350 and 450h) and would buy either a smaller RX or a Larger RX so bring it on Lexus.
  14. This would be awesome.... even tho I dont see that lexus NEEDS this. Lexus is doing fine with the RX and the CTh. But I see this being a higher ground clearance CTh which isnt a bad thing. Hybrid motor ?
  15. - Toyota Rav4 - Toyota Vanguard - Lexus small SUV Power will either come from 2.0-liter regular engine & 2.5-liter Hybrid , I think this is what the magazine said . Edit : Seems like , Lexus would build it on next Rav4 chassis , and since Rav4 now have 2 different length chassis (one for 5-seater one for 7-seater) , Lexus would able to have either one or both ... hopefully get the 5-seater one .
  16. I don't know if I like the idea of a small Lexus SUV, especially when it would supposedly be based off the RAV4... I think it would cheapen the brand.  As much as I like the GX, I wouldn't mind it being replaced by a larger car based crossover, to better compete with the Q7 or GL. Let the LX be the true off road vehicle.   Just my 2cents. 
    • I don't know -- considering the CT is based on the Prius and yet don't come close to resembling one another, I really don't see any issue with platform sharing.
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    It was difficult to read the article, however, it appears that they are planning on introducing this small Lexus SUV in 2 years or July 2014.  Under consideration is a 2.0 L turbo & a 2.5 L HV hybrid.  The size is similar to a Toyota Rav 4 and may possibly even share the platform with premium upgrades.  I think that this may be a good idea since these small SUV's that both Toyota and Honda make appear to be selling quite well.  There may be some customers that may want to have nicer appointments and thus are purchasing some other European SUV models.