2013 Lexus LS F Sport Spotted?

It appears that a camouflaged next-generation Lexus LS F Sport has been spotted by Automobile Magazine spy photographers:

2013 Lexus LS F Sport

But why the LS F Sport? Look closely at this photo of the front end — there’s no sign of any grille slats, which would indicate the F Sport mesh surround (click image for larger version):

2013 Lexus LS F Sport Front

Let’s zoom in a little closer:

2013 Lexus LS F Sport Zoomed In

And then there’s the wheels, which are similar to the current LS Sport rims:

2013 Lexus LS F Sport Wheels

This (alleged) LS F Sport was one of two cars spotted, the other looking like the standard LS sedan seen a couple weeks back:

2013 Lexus LS Sedans

A very crisp photo of the second LS’ grille was taken:

2013 Lexus LS Sedan Front Grille

The fact that these two LS are out on public roads would suggest that an official reveal is not too far off — can’t wait to see what’s under all that camouflage.

View the full Lexus LS spy photo gallery at Automobile


  1. Those disc brakes are tiny. No slotted or drilled? 
  2. Could that last photo be a LSh? It appears to have the dual LED low beam headlights which are only on hybrid models. I may just be seeing things
  3. Before I read carefully about the title , I thought you said LS-F ... and also , from the picture , the body is already done , I guess this is just test drive .
  4. See picture #2. Needs 25mm + wheel spacers to take up some of that fender gap. Hopefully this is a preproduction model with the wrong offset wheels currently fitted. (The wheels look like the current Sport Package wheels with basically half the spokes painted black.) It's very hard to see the front of the "F-Sport LS", but the front of the regular one looks great. On the edge of my seat to see this thing unwrapped.
    • You're right ! http://cdn.thelexusenthusiast.com/images/weblog/11-09-30-lexus-ls-460-sport-special-edition.jpg ... it's indeed a wheels from current Lexus LS Sport Package with half of spokes painted black !
    • Great point -- I thought they were similar but didn't realize they were practically identical. I've updated the post to mention this.
  5. I'm thinking the new LS will reveal for the first time at the Frankfurt show in September The new IS at the Tokyo/LA show in Nov/Dec...... BD
  6. Given the shape of the head lights (two round orbs of light with room for another to be on) could this be the hybrid model?
  7. BRING IT ON!!!
  8. The only downside of getting the New LS this fall is Mercedes will steal it's thunder with the new S-Class next Spring (Will go to a 9-speed auto) BD
    • GM had that too! One of the speeds was for reverse! :P
    • well its typical for german cars althought there bad they still get high praise for it. Let's not forget Lexus was the first to introduced the 8speed tranny back then everybody was bashing it, now every car company is racing to stuff 8,9 speed trannies in there cars...
  9. It looks menacing even with with camo on lol, I'm so excited to see the full thing!! And I love those rims!!! I have something similar on my car too, love love love!
  10. Dear Lord... make it a V8... amen.. 
  11. The LS is awesome
  12. PG

    I really hope there are some powertrain upgrades to the LS, unlike the carryover engines/transmissions in the ES and GS. Not that the LS' V8 is bad, but its twin-turbo competition is simply a generation ahead.
  13. Looks like another slam dunk for Lexus. The current gen LS has aged well. I still am amazed every time I see it.
    • Still one of my favorite cars on the road, even after six years. Timeless design (though I do prefer the standard wheelbase compared to the long wheelbase.)
  14. dNb

    From the Lexus FB page: Lexus will unveil new 2013 LS models, as well as an all-new LS 460 F SPORT, in a live reveal on Lexus.com and here on Facebook. Join us Monday, July 30 at 8:30 pm (PT) to see Lexus’ new flagship model. go to the link: http://pressroom.toyota.com/releases/lexus+unveil+new+ls+flagship+sedan+july9.htm