Lexus May 2012 Sales Report

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Lexus USA has reported total sales of 21,463 for May 2012, up a staggering 61.0% compared to last year — let’s break down the model-by-model stats:

MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
2012 2011 % CHG* 2012 2011 % CHG*
CT 1,549 454 214.9 8,059 3,528 126.6
HS 21 220 ‐91.2 612 1,198 ‐49.3
IS 2,656 1,715 43.0 11,622 11,384 1.3
ES 2,937 2,400 13.0 14,485 14,438 ‐0.5
GS 1,996 306 502.1 9,050 1,794 400.5
LS 459 585 ‐27.6 2,560 3,742 ‐32.1
SC 0 1 ‐100.0 2 15 ‐86.8
Total Cars 9,621 5,681 56.3 46,412 36,121 27.5
RX 10,647 5,847 68.1 35,376 34,697 1.2
GX 808 635 17.5 4,080 5,078 ‐20.3
LX 387 142 151.6 2,242 1,341 65.9
Total Trucks 11,842 6,624 65.0 41,698 41,116 0.6
Total Sales 21,463 12,305 61.0 88,110 77,237 13.2

Please note, all percentages are calculated by the Daily Sales Rate (DSR), which takes into account the number of days in the month that dealerships could sell cars. May 2012 had 26 selling days, May 2011 had 24 selling days.

In just one month, Lexus USA has boosted their yearly sales nearly 10 percent, from 3.7% to 13.2%. In fact, the only two models that didn’t beat their May 2011 sales are the now-discontinued HS and the aging LS — every other model jumped at least 10%.

Notably, the GS fell under 2,000 sales for the first time since its debut, but still managed a 500%+ increase in sales over last year. The 2013 RX, which is now reaching dealerships, more than doubled sales.

To add some context, let’s dive into the monthly sales conference call transcript, starting with a quote from Toyota general manager Bob Carter:

Now it would be easy to write off this increase and those in the coming months as simply a rebound from sales that were limited last year by production disruptions and perceived inventory shortages in the wake of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. And that certainly accounts for part of the increase.

But we started May with just 30,000 more vehicles in stock than we had a year ago and ended the month by selling nearly 100,000 more cars and trucks. So obviously there is more to the story.

This may have been specific to Toyota, but I thought it an interesting point to make — this sales increase can’t be explained by the Japanese tsunami alone, there’s definitely “more to the story”.

(One final, non-sales related fact: the new ES and ES Hybrid will now reach dealerships in late July rather than in August.)


Sales were up 41.5% in Canada with 1,399 units sold — the CT 200h (+124.%), GS 350 (+575%), IS (+53.7%) and LX (+190.9%) all had good months.

(Note: Canada has now started publishing their sales breakdown (PDF) online.)


  1. BIG month for the new facelifted RX!  Signs of success! The GS did it's thing. The CT needs a gas engine roommate.  The base engine in the IS would be perfect...... BD
  2. Imagine what the numbers will be like in a couple months time when the new IS and LS go on sale.
    • Mark Templin did say ALL FOUR sedans will be redesigned this year...... BD
    • When did Mark say that? Please provide source!
    • It was in an Automotive News Interview in January, at the Detroit Auto Show..... BD
    • Here's the source: "Lexus will launch nine new or updated models this year, plus three F-Sport variations, Templin said. The rollout includes the redesign of four of Lexus' core sedan lines, starting with the GS 350 and GS 450h sport sedans arriving in February, followed by reworked versions of the ES 350, IS 250 and 350 and LS 460 and 600h. The LX SUV will also be refreshed this year" 
    • That's what I said...... BD
  3. Its sad to see the HS. It deverse  better sales.
    •  Sales are at the zero level because Lexus stopped production. Reports say there are less than 25 left in the States.
    •  I think the HS is still on sale in Japan after cuttting it here ?? And what about the Toyota SAI ?  Is it still succesfull in Japan??
  4. Good month.. New ES will further improve the numbers..
  5. Maybe it sounds a little bit crazy, but i wonder why Lexus isn´t building more models in the US. The ES should be produced beside the Avalon at TMMK. The new IS should be produced at a (new) second plant at TMMM. I am pretty sure when these two new sedans come to the US market there will be such a high demand for them that Lexus isn´t able to deliver enough cars from Kyushu, Japan.
    • PG

       Exactly, Lexus' stubborn focus on producing solely in Japan (except the some RXs in Canada) hurts more than it benefits them. In the US their profit margins are eroding due to the high yen. In China and some other countries their margins are hit by import duties. One way or another, BMW and Mercedes are faring much better by producing their models where they are sold. Another point: If Lexus wasn't so dependent on Japanese production, they wouldn't have been hit as hard by the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster last year. Lexus could really learn a lesson or two from the Germans in terms of diversifying risks and not just selling cars, but also actually keep healthy margins.
    • Mbb

      Yeah but then quality suffers.. Would you rather get a Lexus made in Japan or China?
  6. We need more engine choices from lexus
  7. We're tired of the same old v6-v8 engines from the past 5 years, give us something exciting for once and affordable
    • F1

      The 2GR-FE & 2GR-FSE are freaking good engines.. Have you driven an IS350? They're fast, smooth and have a sweet engine note The 2GR are the best V6 available..
  8. those V6 and V8 ain't broken @guest. the IS350 egine is sweet!
  9. a little off topic, but Canada sales listed Landcruiser sales. Can you special order them?