Lexus Magazine Interviews 2013 ES Chief Engineer Toshio Asahi

Lexus Chief Engineer Toshio Asahi

This Lexus Magazine interview with Toshio Asahi, chief engineer of the sixth-generation ES, is full of insight into the redesign of Lexus’ top-selling sedan.

(I also talked with Asahi-san about the new ES — look for my interview next week.)

Read the Interview with Chief Engineer Asahi


  1. Great story by Lexus..Offtopic now, why do Lexus have 200hp electric motor in the new and old GS, when they onely use like 50hp, why cant they boos that motor so it will be like 400hp  ?? Please try find a good answer to this Kevin...Kepp up the good work, i read u every day Patrick from Sweden
    • Electric motor have different torque band , when the engine producing it's peak power , the electric motor might already passed it's peak power range .
    • Yes that i know..but that is why u have the planetery gear, i iam not sure, but i think it have not anough power from the battey, but iam not  that is why i ask.
    •  I'm not so sure how the electric motor work on Lexus GS's hybrid system , if the electric motor is work as same rev as the engine , then it would be just like what I said , the different output range made them have 350hp , instead of 400hp . If the engine & motor is work parallel , even 1000 gear also wouldn't made it have combination of 400hp .
    • In sport mode, electric motor does get a boost. It gets an additional 150 volts of electricity going from 500 volts to 650 volts.
    • Both @LF_EH:disqus & @facebook-607752636:disqus are correct -- there is an immediate power boost with sport mode in the new GS, and calculating overall horsepower is not as simple as adding the engine outputs together. Personally, I find it a bit confusing as well! :-)