Lexus Trademarks the Spindle Grille in USA & Canada

Lexus Spindle Grille

By way of My.IS, it’s been discovered that Lexus has trademarked the Spindle Grille in both the USA & Canada.

First off is U.S. trademark #85609282, which just covers the general shape of Lexus’ new grille design:

Lexus USA Spindle Grille Trademark

The Canadian trademarks are much more specific, with four different variations:

Lexus Canada Spindle Grille Trademarks
  1. Filed under trademark #1575185, this illustration resembles the F Sport grille design seen on the new GS & RX models.
  2. Filed under trademark #1575186, this grille design has yet to be used on any Lexus model, but does have a similar pattern to the current-generation IS.
  3. Filed under trademark #1575191, this third grille design looks similar to the LX, ES, GS & RX front-ends.
  4. Lastly, trademark #1575192 is a general-purpose, all encompassing design that would allow for future variations to the spindle grille.

The purpose of Lexus trademarking their new grille is definitely a curious move, as I can’t imagine any manufacturer wants to open up the pandora’s box of involving the courts in automotive design similarities.

(Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a common practise but rarely reported.)

[Source: My.IS via Kaizen Factor]