Lexus Trademarks the Spindle Grille in USA & Canada

Lexus Spindle Grille

By way of My.IS, it’s been discovered that Lexus has trademarked the Spindle Grille in both the USA & Canada.

First off is U.S. trademark #85609282, which just covers the general shape of Lexus’ new grille design:

Lexus USA Spindle Grille Trademark

The Canadian trademarks are much more specific, with four different variations:

Lexus Canada Spindle Grille Trademarks

  1. Filed under trademark #1575185, this illustration resembles the F Sport grille design seen on the new GS & RX models.
  2. Filed under trademark #1575186, this grille design has yet to be used on any Lexus model, but does have a similar pattern to the current-generation IS.
  3. Filed under trademark #1575191, this third grille design looks similar to the LX, ES, GS & RX front-ends.
  4. Lastly, trademark #1575192 is a general-purpose, all encompassing design that would allow for future variations to the spindle grille.

The purpose of Lexus trademarking their new grille is definitely a curious move, as I can’t imagine any manufacturer wants to open up the pandora’s box of involving the courts in automotive design similarities.

(Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a common practise but rarely reported.)

[Source: My.IS via Kaizen Factor]

  • T
  • May 24, 2012
Ever been to Korea? Some manufacturers have no respect for "trade marks" and will copy as they wish. That spindle grill will be all over Seoul with a Kia badge in no time...
    • V
    • May 24, 2012
     I guess that's a valid point.  But would US and Canada patents really be enough to deter "counterfeit" designs in markets outside N. America? Lexus seems really pleased with the new trademark grill.  Personally, I don't like it and really don't see the point. 
  • J
  • May 24, 2012
Who drew these up, a first grader?  Its interesting but i guess its for brand protection.  Did audi ever trademark their LED headlights?  
  • D
  • May 25, 2012
What they should do is trademark it in China!.
  • Z
  • July 19, 2012
Those deplorable People in Korea & China you all speak of counterfeiting Japanese design with no respect, and will copy as they wish??    I agree it is despicable that a manufacturer would steel someones grill design, claim it as there own and use it across it's entire line of cars and have their lead designer claim he had a epiphany on the design.  O, Wait, Oops, that fabulous ultra stylish newly designed innovative grill of Lexus is starting to look familiar.......OMG that grill is out in my garage, it's been there for years, on my 1961 Plymouth Belvedere wagon.  Maybe the ghost of Virgil Exner payed a late night visit to Lexus's lead designer and gave him his blessings, or is it being counterfeited?  Just Saying!
  • C
  • November 4, 2013
Looks like the RC would've been designed around the time of this filing in April 2012 and used number 2.