2015 Lexus SC Convertible?

Just one day after posting a Best Car rendering of the rumored Lexus LFA II, we now have this Mag-X photochop of a possible SC convertible based on the LF-LC concept (click for a larger version):

Lexus LF-LC SC Photochop

While it’s almost certainly pure speculation, the surrounding Japanese text suggests this next-gen SC would be powered by the same 3.5L V6 hybrid powertrain found in the GS 450h — a sensible choice, I suppose, but hopefully only one of the available engine options.

I’m reminded of a quote from Kevin Hunter, the president of Calty, where the LF-LC was designed:

“It would have 500hp as a hybrid with a battery pack behind the rear seats and a little trunk to be as useful as any car in its class,” he says. “And while this is truly a concept car – it’s where Lexus is moving and symbolises that change – we never build a concept car just to make a car, there’s always some strategic thinking behind it.”

That’s more in line with my thinking — any LF-LC based production model would sit beside the LS at the very top of the Lexus lineup, and should share the same V8 & V8 hybrid powertrains (though I wouldn’t have a problem with a V6 hybrid option in either car).

[Via: Club Lexus] (Thanks Flipside909!)


  1. Gotta love that sexy LF-LC to be the next SC !!!! Just go on Lexus. Go on! [+]
  2. I think I might gonna try design some SC concept with latest Lexus design language as well , I just did the IS one .
  3. Going from the LF-LC concept....this is what I imagined a likley SC convertible to resemble.....liking it a LOT !    Can't help but believe both coupe and convertible are coming.....dream and hope it is.....
  4. If its going to have 500hp and it looks that gorgeous then the price tag will be above 100k I assume. Anybody know what was the going rate for the SC
  5.  I CANT *****&*&%(    WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  6. Make it like the Alfa Romeo Brera/Spider/159! Don't cover the headlamps! Make them look like jewels! After all, I do know that the LS 460 headlamps are made of crystal!
  7. I believe this is THE direction, and it's a righteous path...... BD
  8. MT

    But it is not going to have 500hp. The usual 45hp battery would make a 455hp engine necessary. The 2UR-GSE has 420 and this is the most powerful engine in the lineup. If Toyota comes up with turboed engines (and they will, Uchiyamada said so two years ago) they are not going to put them in Lexus cars first, they gonna put them there last. Just because turbos are blowing up all the time. They are not going to put the least reliable engines in their flagships. So the NG-SC will have the GS/LS powertrains with 350/400hp.
  9. I like so much this idea! But, I would prefer that they will continue with the classic style of the SC and not follow the 'L-Finnese' like the ultimate Lexus models...
  10. Awesome! I can't wait!