2015 Lexus SC Convertible?

Just one day after posting a Best Car rendering of the rumored Lexus LFA II, we now have this Mag-X photochop of a possible SC convertible based on the LF-LC concept (click for a larger version):

Lexus LF-LC SC Photochop

While it’s almost certainly pure speculation, the surrounding Japanese text suggests this next-gen SC would be powered by the same 3.5L V6 hybrid powertrain found in the GS 450h — a sensible choice, I suppose, but hopefully only one of the available engine options.

I’m reminded of a quote from Kevin Hunter, the president of Calty, where the LF-LC was designed:

“It would have 500hp as a hybrid with a battery pack behind the rear seats and a little trunk to be as useful as any car in its class,” he says. “And while this is truly a concept car – it’s where Lexus is moving and symbolises that change – we never build a concept car just to make a car, there’s always some strategic thinking behind it.”

That’s more in line with my thinking — any LF-LC based production model would sit beside the LS at the very top of the Lexus lineup, and should share the same V8 & V8 hybrid powertrains (though I wouldn’t have a problem with a V6 hybrid option in either car).

[Via: Club Lexus] (Thanks Flipside909!)