Lexus GS 450h F Sport Lap with Toyota Racing Driver Alex Wurz

Time to take a spin in the 2013 Lexus GS 450h F Sport with former F1 driver, double Le Mans winner, and current Toyota Racing driver Alex Wurz:

Wurz calls the GS 450h F Sport “one of the finest and best cars out there” — makes me wish once again that the hybrid F Sport was available in North America.


  1. I heard somewhere that the US isn't getting a 450h F-sport. Can someone confirm this?
    • It's true. Lexus will not be bring the 450h F-Sport here. Maybe in the future, but not right now.
    • Its understandable a fully loaded 450h is almost 75k!!! with the f-sport its might run close up to 80k, for that $$$ why not go for a LS or even the ISF people might think that's close to m5 price range. If it topped out at around 70k would be ok but clsoe to 80? people might go for the 7 series instead.
    • With all the bells and whistles the top price with packages not the acc. comes to 73K if there is an F-Sport it will most likely be at 75K. 
  2. Just imagine a Meisterschaft GT2 w X-Pipe on the future GS F. #eargasm 
  3. Hmm is that really the exhaust note from that car??? Sounds almost F1 like
  4. Not to be an idiot or anything but this is only from what I have read, the Toyota hybrids dont get the best review when it comes to enjoyment. Maybe this is going to be different, I haven't read any reviews on the hybrid yet other than the petrol model. Alex is a Toyota driver so of course he is going to say good things about it.  
    •  MotorTrend just compared the GS450h against the Porsche Panamera hybrid and the $70,000 GS beat the $110,000 Panamera! The GS's sublime handling and fun-to-drive factor was particlualy singled out in the review :
    • Actually they have a couple of articles about the GS 450h. The hybrids have gotten plenty of good reviews aside from worlds first to good gas mileage. This thing wont get you Toyota Prius numbers as its not meant for that, this car was meant to stand like a V8 hence why there is no V8 anymore.
  5. This is mighty strange especially when the UK even gets a GS250 F-Sport if you so desire (and will surely get a GS300h F-Sport from next year).  But then we dont get the ES....