Video Tour of the 2013 Lexus LX 570

Lots of clever wordplay in this short video tour of the 2013 Lexus LX 570:

In my mind, the LX is the very definition of luxury in the Lexus lineup, even more than the LS — its combination of go-anywhere capability and pure extravagance is something that few vehicles can match.

(No matter what generation, the LX will always be one of my all-time favorites.)


  1. The LX is definitely the ULTIMATE Lexus! HOWEVER, it's not on-par in terms of quality when compared with the LS. Still, I like how Lexus values the SUV and prices it higher than the LS 460 L!
    • I don't see how the LX isn't comparable in quality to the LS -- are you thinking about something specific?
    • Just to go off topic for a second, the LX doesn't have electronically adjustable headrests like the LS does (and has had for over two decades). Now back on topic: - I'm go by personal experience. The LX many interior parts that don't exactly stay in place. Overtime, a few things begin to squeak, and the door armrest just isn't very solid. In many ways, I feel like sharing parts with the Land Cruiser has hurt the LX rather than help it. My 1998 LS 400 doesn't have as many problems as my 2003 LX 470 as of right now, even after a few accidents. Both vehicles have gone through quite a bit of... trial by children. Okay... So what's the catch? Well, the LX became the main vehicle after my little brother and sisters were born. It has taken quite a bit of beating. However, the LS is the one who has been through a few, serious accidents and still rides extremely smoothly. (I'm really trying my best to make sense here.) Now, a new 2011 ES 350 has just joined the stable. It has been under ownership for more than half a year now. When it was just driven off the lot, it felt as if it were even better than my old LS 400, as much as I didn't want it to be (not a V6 fan; not a FWD fan). Inevitably, it began to show some flaws - the center armrest is REALLY REALLY squeaky. A lot of interior panels are misaligned. All the potholes in San Diego has entirely destroyed the wheel alignment and has even broken one of the control arms (this actually isn't an ES problem; this is SD's problem). So... What is my point here? What am I rambling about? I feel like the modern Lexus vehicles just don't have the longevity of the Lexus of yore. Modern Lexus have great initial quality, but overtime, they're really weak. Could this be a result of outsourcing? I don't know. My LS 400 is a TANK!
    • I think the major problem LX and GX have is that they are not an "unique" model. They are actually models based on the platform of the Toyota Land Cruiser, FJ Cruiser and 4Runner. As soon as Lexus develops an unique platform like the current RX which has the same design language and L-Finesse, then, the LX and GX will be a game changer. I agree with WorldofLuxury, LS is far superior to LX, the LS is the true pinacle and flagship of Lexus, without taking into consideration the LFA.
  2. Cool, I never knew both projectors light up as low beam?
  3. After seeing the LEDs on this LX it seems a bit short on both sides wished they stretched the strips longer on such a big car.
    • If you see this vehicle in person and in motion at dusk or dark it is breath taking....I was amazed at the sight of the front fascia in it's full blown illumination.....unmistakingly the best of ANY Luxury SUV out there in any price range....blows Rnage Rover, G-class, Cayene, etc away....the refresh was the best I've seen in making this vehicle look worthy of the price.....Luxury at it's finest
    • I'm a big fan of the Range Rover & G Class -- in my mind, the LX, RR & G are all iconic vehicles. The LX is the only one I'd actually want to own (though my wife would probably pull her hair out deciding between the G & LX ;-).
    • I agree with what you said of this car but I wished they made the led running lights a little longer to the side, it seems to leave about 2-3 inches on both sides of the lights
  4. Quality, Undeniable. Interior, superior. I just can't make myself like the exterior design and I thought it would grow on me.  @bb66bfdd79fe31594ebc9a0b229a194d:disqus I've been on all of those SUV's you named above (freeways/backroads) and I'll buy that the LX can blow them away. I just can't like the back, to me it looks cheap and discombobulated from the overall body design. Probably the only thing I will disagree with in this car. 
    • Can't disagree about the rear of the LX 570, but the rest of the vehicle is top notch. I'm getting to a point where I'd like to see a LX Hybrid, though.
  5. I didn't like last year's LX in Mercury Metallic,but loved it in just about every other colour.Since the refresh with the 2013 model,the only color I like the LX in is Merury Metallic.(as well as Nebula Grey Pearl)I really liked Black Onyx & Starfire Pearl on the last generation but I don't care for these colours on the refreshed model.Does this make any sense?Does anybody else feel the same way?