New Project Lexus GS F Sport Photos

Project Lexus GS F Sport at MFest

The Project GS F Sport from Five Axis was on display this past weekend at MFest in Las Vegas, and my good friend Flipside909 was on hand to snap some photos:

Have to be impressed with the work of Troy Sumitomo & the Five Axis gang — they really took the fourth-gen GS to the next level with this car, and I hope its design inspires the Lexus designers working on the (rumored) GS F.

[Source: Club Lexus]


  1. Now imagine that with a 550 HP Turbo V8...
  2. Wish the grille was a one-piece mesh instead of being separated by a bar. Tweaked 5.0L Naturally Aspirated V8 would be sufficient.
  3. It's a little bit to DYNAMITE for actual production...... BD
  4. I really like the exterior of this car. I don't like what they did to the interior, especially the missing stereo, makes the dash look plain.
  5. I think the kit is way to aggressive for production. If they are going to produce a GS-F listed above 80k does Lexus think teens will be able to afford this car. It's most likely going to be older people with steady income that are going to buy this car. I don't remember the last time I saw a middle age person driving a car with body kits like that.
    • I don't know -- it's a show car and definitely over the top, but I'd like to see a GS F incorporate the blacked out bumper, and the flared-out fenders. The front's a little too angular for production, that's for sure.
  6. This is the best kit/mods on the GS that ive seen by a long shot
  7. The GS F is not a rumor. it will be produced, i have the sheet of specifications at my dealership right now.  I just got back from Lexus college and was told that the LF-LC is also slated for production late 2013 to early 2014.  they are both being made, so hold onto your hats.
    • Very interesting, thanks for sharing!
    • Hey alex im soon going to go to the toyota T-Ten program and im hoping to work for the lexu company thats wuhat i wouldl love to do....i wouldl love to hear more about the lf lc and the gs f sport..heres my email send me a message that way i can know more on how to get started on my future and stuff thanks
  8. as for the GS-F's engine, it will be a tuned version of the IS-F 5.0 L producing around 460 hp.
  9. Sexy ass man im telling you im hoping to get that baby later...Lexus just been making them sexy cars
  10. i need buy this poilerrrrrrrrr who i can buy it???!!!!!!