Higher Powered, More Expensive Lexus LFA II in the Works?

Lexus LFA II

Autoguide is reporting a rumor that Lexus plans to build a higher-performance, even more expensive LFA:

Our well-connected source was informed by a senior Toyota executive who prefers to remain anonymous that plans for an LFA II are currently in the works. The new supercar has been described as twice the car, with a significantly higher performance level. To match that new performance, pricing will climb steeply, into the range of $800,000 to one million dollars.

Like the LFA it will be an exclusive product, but even more so than the original, with plans to produce just 100 units.

Looking at the Lexus model lineup, there’s a lot of room for growth and expansion, but even so, I’m not really sure how another limited production supercar would fit.

Of course, the key phrase is that “plans for an LFA II are currently in the works” — hardly a definitive statement, and really could mean anything. Without question, the technology developed for the LFA deserves to live on in future models, but my immediate preference would be for a production model based on the LF-LC concept rather than an ultra-exclusive, million-dollar hypercar.

[Source: Autoguide]


  1. Please bring it!!! A more crazier LFA would make the world's head spin. I hope this time Lexus gives the chief engineer his own way and allows him to make LFA rev up to 10,000 rpm.
    • The greatest car ever to have come out of Japan needs to live on. That amazing V10 F1 sound should be nurtured even more and Lexus can become the best exotic car builder in the world.
  2. The article: http://www.autoblog.com/2012/04/11/toyota-working-on-even-more-exotic-followup-to-lexus-lfa/ Many countries have produced supercars with price tags that dip into the six figures, but that rare breed of exotic that fetches upwards of a quarter million is all but completely exclusive to Europe: Ferrari, Lamborghini and Pagani out of Italy, Bugatti from France, McLaren and higher-end Aston Martin models of Britain, top-of-the-line Porsche offerings from Germany, Koenigsegg of Sweden and so on. That's what makes the Lexus LFA so exceptional. It extends beyond the Acura NSX and the Nissan GT-R that previously defined the top end of Japanese supercars and joins its European rivals at the very top of the market. But that, we're reading, is only the beginning.According to a shadowy anonymous source cornered by AutoGuide, Toyota is already working on a successor to the LFA, and their mole says the car will be even more exotic, more powerful and more expensive. Just what that entails when the LFA is already limited to 500 examples, packs a 552-horsepower 4.8-liter V10 and costs $375,000 has us conjuring up images of an animé take on the Bugatti Veyron. AG suggests the car could nudge the million-dollar mark with production limited to just 100 examples.Could it be a production version of the LF-LC concept? It's probably too early to tell. In fact, we're going to go ahead and take this entire rumor with a few shakers-worth of salt and advise you to consider doing the same.
  3. I got a sneaking suspicion this car will have a KERS system that boost the power up like in F-1 and replenishes itself under braking.Toyota already have this tech available and have used it in a GT500 Supra back in 2008 or 9 in the Tokiachi 24 hour race.i think with this tech and howling V-10 behind god know's you could see a 700+ HP LFA 2 wouldn't that be a site.
    • If there's any truth to this rumor (a huge if, granted), I think Coryn is on the right track that there's some sort of battery electric, KERS or hybrid component to it. After all, Mercedes, Porsche and Audi are already working on bringing to market electric or hybrid supercars. And an LFA prototype with what appeared to be an electric plug receptacle on its left front fender set off a flurry of speculation back in April 2010. This may, in fact, be a sequel of sorts to something I wrote for Kaizen Factor back in July 2010: http://kaizenfactor.wordpress.com/2010/07/16/might-lexus-produce-an-all-electric-lfb/
    • They being Toyota when they raced that Supra with that KERS system back in 08-09 apparently it was upto 70% more efficient than the KERS systems being used in F-1 so Toyota/Lexus wanted to go with that tech they have a leg up in that field to with regards to that sought of tech.
  4. Needless to say,I'd love for this rumour to be true,but my gut suggests otherwise. Hope I'm wrong.
  5. I love the company that i work for (Lexus) but $800,000 to $1,000,000?!?!?!?!?!?! Cash or check? 
  6. I wouldn't mind if Lexus made an exotic limited production hypercar. I hope they make it even better than the LFA. However, like others, I think $800K to $1M does sound v-e-r-y--s-t-e-e-p. Just on that note, are they trying to make the new fastest car in the world???
  7. Would be cool if they just give it the name Lexus F, it'll be a true flagship of the brand, simple and clean! but that's just my idea lol. But yes I'm ALL IN if the story is true.
  8. Why don't go MR ?
    • The chief engineer extensively answered this question. The result speaks for itself. LFA outhandles most rear mid-engined with a front mid-engine layout. That is proof enough already.
    • If FR (LFA is actually FMR) is so good , why Toyota still enter Le Mans with MR ? LFA is good on it's own class , but that doesn't meant it's top everything .
    • There is an LFA GT2 racing car already prepared to enter Le Mans. They are only waiting for the new GT2 class regulations. Speaking of GT2, the consistent winners in the last two years have been the M3 GT2 and the Corvette C6-R. Both are front engine (not even front mid-engined) cars.
  9. I agree with you on this Krew.... This seems like a rumor, but Lexus needs to take care of priorities first, not a $800,000+ supercar. We need!!!! A NEW 'SEXY' SC and SC-F, GS-F, and naturally IS-F and IS-F coupe!!! Perhaps a smaller sports car FR-S like but better, powerful and sharper, with convertible.... What's the point of another supercar like that anytime soon, lol i'm still trying to get the LFA....:-)
  10. It comes after the LF-LC was a success :)))
  11. I hope the rumors are true :) I think it will be awsome to have a hypercar in the line up, but I also agree with Krew.
  12. JB

    This could be amazing, another sign of Lexus' "relentless pursuit of perfection" added with the new philosophy of "engineering amazing". A cynical person might roll their eyes at these marketing phrases (and it IS marketing), but without a doubt they speak of Lexus' philosophy to the core. I like the idea to call it the Lexus F, very simple. But the LFA is already the pinnacle of Lexus, just from its name alone -- "Lexus F-series Apex" There's no way to top that in my opinion.
  13. Building an even better Halo car makes sense still in many ways. Lexus are trying to move towards a more sporty image, this, along with the LFA will really help cement that image. People were really amazed when Lexus came out with the LFA wondering how a company like Lexus could produce such a car with no track record, improving on this and creating a true reliable, useable hyper car would re-define what people see in Lexus the world over. If anything it's probably far more cost effective marketing than many directions such as running an F1 team. If anything you should be able to recoupe most of the cost of development and production yet produce tech that you can filter down into your other models. The price of these sorts of cars just doesn't matter, I could never understand why Bugatti sold their cars at a loss? If the car had cost £3m do you really think the sort of people who would buy the fastest car in the world would have cared? These are the sort of people who buy boats and planes costing many times more money. Just go all out with the LFA II and build the best car in the world. Make it the car that anyone with that sort of money would have to have, the pinnacle of motoring, the car most desired.
  14. I can`t imagine Lexus building a better car than the LFA because it`s just that good.Lexus,please proove me wrong!
  15. Probably call it tThe Lexus LFL
  16. I do agree with Krew that much focus now not be diverted on more important isssues at present for the LEXUS brand....however, what a great way to capture AKIO TOYODA's comment"I want LEXUS to be the brand that the most sophisticated buyer wants to drive and purchase"
  17. Looks like they are throwing money at this thing, I hope the next ISF will this much attention and focus
  18. Lexus is out for blood
    • Yes--- LEXUS is moving the way I always thought they should have and wanted them to.....it is very refreshing to see in motion.....I think they will achieve the mark of being the greatest autobuilder in the world with nothing stopping them in every department, size and model.....they have the resources and the brains to do it.....Thanks to Akio coming into full force....otherwise none of this would be happening at this very moment. HE IS THE FUTURE OF LEXUS ! 
    • Lol then we need a M3 killer, M5 killer, & M6 Killer.....
  19. Enzo replacement fighter?  I'd say yes......
  20. Before thinking on the LFA II, I would go for the GS F, LF-LC and expand the F Sport Line. Lexus doesn't need an LFA II, it needs an "affordable" coupe like the SC and performance passenger vehicles, besides the ISF. Lexus made a great move offering F Sport package for almost every single passenger car, now they need to keep pushing that line.
  21. Considering the fact that a Lexus LFA Roadster should come in two years, it will be at least 3 years before this can even reach the dealers. 750HP?  Sub 7-minute time at Nurburgring?  Better tires than Bridgestone RE070?  Sub 3000lb weight?  Between the Middle East, Japan, and the U.S. they can move 100 units. But let's finish work on the GSF, and then...... BD
  22. i just don't know how much a second LFA will expand the brand.  while it sounds like it would be an incredible car, how much effect would it have on sales figures?  in my opinion they should focus on building a new SC if they want to grow the brand. 
  23. Fark. I have an LFA. It will take many years to pay it off. As much as I like the idea of something "better", they are killing me...