Higher Powered, More Expensive Lexus LFA II in the Works?

Lexus LFA II

Autoguide is reporting a rumor that Lexus plans to build a higher-performance, even more expensive LFA:

Our well-connected source was informed by a senior Toyota executive who prefers to remain anonymous that plans for an LFA II are currently in the works. The new supercar has been described as twice the car, with a significantly higher performance level. To match that new performance, pricing will climb steeply, into the range of $800,000 to one million dollars.

Like the LFA it will be an exclusive product, but even more so than the original, with plans to produce just 100 units.

Looking at the Lexus model lineup, there’s a lot of room for growth and expansion, but even so, I’m not really sure how another limited production supercar would fit.

Of course, the key phrase is that “plans for an LFA II are currently in the works” — hardly a definitive statement, and really could mean anything. Without question, the technology developed for the LFA deserves to live on in future models, but my immediate preference would be for a production model based on the LF-LC concept rather than an ultra-exclusive, million-dollar hypercar.

[Source: Autoguide]