Lexus Developing Compact SUV to Compete with BMW X3 & Audi Q5

Lexus RAV4

Auto Express is reporting that Lexus plans to release a compact SUV below the RX:

The Toyota luxury brand has enjoyed huge success with the RX range, particularly in the US, but Andy Pfeiffenberger, vice president of Lexus Europe, wants to focus on the class below.

“We have been very slow to come to the market with a downsized SUV,” he told us. “This is an area of our range that you will see develop over the next few years.”

The class is dominated by the Q5, Evoque and BMW X3 – and although there are no official details, the new sub-RX SUV will be a hybrid, and cost from around £30,000.

A “baby” RX has been rumored for a long time, but in my memory, this is the first instance that a Lexus official has essentially guaranteed its arrival.

(This news almost had me thinking the RX might grow in size so that these two models don’t sit too close to one another in the lineup, but I seriously doubt that Lexus will do anything to mess with the RX’s success. Also, the above image is a rendering from Autobild, and not an actual image of the Lexus compact SUV.)

[Source: Auto Express]