More Photos of the Custom Lexus LFA Nürburgring Edition

Lexus LFA UnboxingOur source for Lexus LFA photos, Flipside909 over at Club Lexus, has the full scoop on the Lexus LFA Nürburgring Edition that was featured yesterday, including a breakdown of all the customization that makes this #288 LFA one of a kind.

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  1. White = best of the best ... IMO . XD
  2. This just answered so many questions for me.It's the interior that threw me off & was my reason for not commenting on this oh so special car yesterday.I was leaning in the direction of suggesting that this was maybe the so called Tokyo Edition that we didn't see at the TMS in Dec.,but I stand corrected.I had no idea that the SRS seat belts were made by Takata either.(I guess because they're not Takata green)The exterior of this LFA is what blows me away...Simply gorgeous!
    • I am much the same the exterior looks great but going for that luxury interior in a car that pretty much is a race car is against the grain for me and isn't in character for the NE LFA in my view.I actually think its one of the worse versions of an interior choice I've seen the white on the doors looks like a bathroom colour to me and I'm not a huge fan./
    • Yeah, this really is a one-of-a-kind LFA Nürburgring -- no expense was spared.
  3. Many thanks for such a write-up. I undoubtedly cherished reading it and talk about this it to my friends.
  4. Black Nurburgring edition LFA in Bahrain
    • Rolla the guy that owns that car runs a drag Supra that runs 6.5 in the QTR and was run in conjunction with Titan Motorsports in the US he is quite well known in Supra circles that guy with the Black NE LFA and his garage was really impressive also.
  5. honestly  Exterior: i love every detail on it specially the carbon fiber top is great and it must be with light colors not dark ones to appear more Interior: i hate that red & white but also the idea of you can chose different color in the dash either than the black is good one