Lexus LFA in Sunset Orange

The special Lexus LFA colors keep rolling in — this time, Flipside909 over at Club Lexus has captured the #272 LFA in Sunset Orange:

Lexus LFA in Sunset Orange

Lexus LFA in Sunset Orange

Lexus LFA in Sunset Orange Side

Lexus LFA in Sunset Orange Rear

The interior is a combination cream & black leather:

Lexus LFA 272 Interior

I’m generally not one for orange cars, but I have to give a pass to Sunset Orange — it’s a very deep, very warm color that just works on the LFA. Like the interior combination as well.

[Source: Club Lexus]


  1. Orange is a FINE color for an LFA.  It's a fairly small car and small cars can get away with LOUD!  Notice the guy got all subdued for the interior.  The downside of orange is that a sleeping cop will notice one on the far horizon. My favorite use of orange on a car was its use (along with blue) in the Gulf Team Wyer GT-40s.  Best-looking race car EVAH!
  2. Starburst! Orange starburst with vanilla flavoring on the inside... mmm
  3. Second to the last shot. Wow!. Agree? K, you guys better or else!. 
  4. Yo, West Coast! The interior belongs in another car.  Unless you're bi-polar...... BD
  5. YES!!!This is the color I wanted to get a look at in some live pics.Kind of ironic how it went from being one of my least favourite to one of my favourite colors on the LFA.All I had to do was step back from my computer & look from some different angles.(it looked poppy red to me before I did this)I agree with you guys that the interior looks too washed out on this one.There are so many other options that would have worked(black,black/brown,black with blue stitching & even saddle tan would work for a more toned down look) Now I'm anxious to get a good look at  'black amethyst' in the flesh!
  6. That's one color I wont put on my steering wheel
  7. Whilst on the subject of Lexus coupes,the head of Lexus Norway said on facebook recently that the LF-LC is 50% closer to productoon. Sounds promising. :-)
  8. Sunset orange. Great pic. One of my favorites.
  9. That interior kept clean looks sick.