New 2013 Lexus RX F Sport Video

This new Lexus Europe video of the 2013 RX 450h is packed with previously unseen footage:

It was mentioned in the comments a couple days back, but this video confirms that the RX drive mode selection (Normal, Sport) is controlled through the steering wheel — here’s a zoomed-in look at the buttons:

Lexus RX F Sport Drive Mode Selector

As there doesn’t appear to be a dedicated button, it looks as though the Sport mode is accessed through the information display in the instrument panel, similar to the current RX’s ECO mode selection.


  1. We need 3D cameras to shoot 2D pictures. The RX is a 3 dimensional car. The reason why cars look so much better in person is because we have 2 eyes; we can see around the curves. That way, the RX would have a much nicer stance than the initially released pictures did.
  2. It's ironic that Lexus of Europe would film all of the promos for the RX450h F Sport, a model that the US won't be getting, in Los Angeles / CA.
    • what?!?!? the US isn't getting the F Sport?  Where was I when this was found out? Why not? 
    • PG

       IIRC the US is getting the F Sport, just not with the hybrid powertrain. In Europe on the other hand, where in some countries only the hybrid model is sold, F Sport package will also be available on the hybrid.
    • Argh what a load of crap.. C'mon Lexus your killing me!!
  3. Does anyone know if the US will eventually get the F-Sport Hybrid?
  4. So is it possible to order one in Europe, tour the countryside and have it shipped back to the States, a.k.a. Mercedes and BMW?
    • No. This car will be sold in Europe. Importing it stateside will mean spending a boatload of money to federalize it. It also doesn't make sense for Lexus to offer a sort of "European Delivery Program" since they're not based in Europe nor are they successful in Europe. Why would someone in the US want to pick up a European-spec Lexus and ship it over? It's illogical.
  5. Wu2

  6. Tv1

    I noticed that the 2013 RX does not have a roof rack (at least it doesn't in any of the pics or videos that I have seen)...Does anyone know if that will be an available feature?