2013 Lexus RX 450h F Sport Information

2013 Lexus RX 450h F Sport Front

At long last, the full details about the Lexus RX 450h F Sport package have been released — in order to cover all the bases, I’m going to republish all available information from the Geneva press kit.

Further enhancing the dynamic and sporting character of the new RX and attracting new customers to the model range, a new F SPORT version is now available.

Lexus RX 450h F Sport

Expected to account for up to 30% of all future RX sales in a new, 4 grade model range structure, the F SPORT grade features bespoke exterior and interior design and driving dynamics technology.

Exterior Design

Lexus RX 450h F Sport Grille

F SPORT versions of the new RX are instantly identifiable by significantly more aggressive, model-unique frontal styling. A deeper, more vertical front bumper incorporates a bigger lower section of the Lexus family ‘spindle’ grille design.

Incorporating a full-width, aerodynamic spoiler for improved high speed stability, the lower bumper’s flared extremities house deeply rebated fog lamps. Both upper and lower grilles feature a sporting, F SPORT-specific mesh design.

In profile, F SPORT models may be identified by exclusive, 19” shaded alloy wheels and front wing F SPORT badging.

Lexus RX F Sport Side Profile

Interior Design

Lexus RX F Sport Interior

The F SPORT-exclusive interior is hallmarked by an exclusive, Black and White Grey colour scheme. It features black, smooth leather upholstery with white grey perforations and contrast stitching, steel silver painted trim inserts and a black ceiling to give the interior a more cockpit-like feel and aid driver concentration.

Lexus RX F Sport Steering Wheel

Performance Dampers

Lexus RX F Sport Badging

F SPORT models further benefit from the lateral performance damper system, which is designed to absorb and minimise undesirable body vibrations, offer a more linear steering feel and contribute to improved ride comfort.

In lieu of conventional fixed bracing, the system features a front performance damper connecting the left and right front suspension towers, and a rear damper connecting the left and right sides of the rear lower back panel.

With a construction similar to that of a typical monotube suspension damper, the front and rear performance damper assemblies differ according to the variations in body rigidity, noise and vibration of their surroundings, optimising their ability to absorb body torsion, flexure and fine vibrations.

Their installation has reduced vehicle floor vibrations across a wide frequency range, reduced body deformation through a drop in left and right front suspension tower displacement, and even lowered audio system white noise levels.

Though difficult to analyse even using Computer Aided Design, micron- sized, minuscule vibrations manifest themselves as a slight discomfort when turning the wheel and minute deviations in vehicle behaviour during straight line acceleration. Their elimination brings a new dimension of steering response, agility and ride comfort to the premium SUV segment.

6-Speed Multi-mode Automatic Transmission with Paddle Shift Control

Lexus RX F Sport Interior Paddle Shifters

The 6-speed automatic transmission of the RX 350 F SPORT versions is now equipped with a steering wheel-mounted paddle shift control. The paddle switches can be used even with the gear selector in D range, allowing the driver to quickly change to fixed range mode without the need to engage S range via the gear lever.

[Source: Lexus Geneva Press Kit]


  1. Looks awesome can't wait for some real-life pictures.  I wish they added some new options like the blind spot monitoring system from the GS. Any ideas on release in the States?  
    • Haven't heard anything about a release date, yet. I've read that the European release will be in the summer.
  2. The addition of the drive mode selector would've been nice
    • I wonder why the speedometer has the red shade found in CT and GS when drive-mode selector is in sport mode. Will it be constantly be red or is there a hidden drive mode selector we are unaware of (as the leaked photos of updated ES also have the drive mode selector).
    • There is a drive-mode selector on the steering wheel, providing you the following drive modes: EV, ECO, NORMAL or SPORT. This all according to the Dutch Lexus Blog: http://blog.lexus.nl/nieuws/okay-en-nu-the-full-monty/
    • That's what I was assuming. It is interesting though that the energy tach doesn't change to a rev tach during sport mode like other models. 
  3. The biggest surprise for me was seeing that the horizontal (or lateral) performance dampers from the Lexus CT line made their way to the RX F Sport. I'd figured they'd simply use the sport-tuned suspension from the now-defunct RX 350 Sport Package. I was also surprised to read in the "regular" RX Geneva press release that RX is Lexus' 2nd-best-selling model in Europe after the CT. I expected RX to be #3 behind CT and IS.
    • I also thought the RX F Sport would be based on the old RX 350 Sport package -- developing something new really shows how serious Lexus is about the F Sport packages.
  4. PG

    What surprises me most is the expected take-rate of 30%. This should be a good sign for more F-Sport models in the future. Who knows, maybe even full-fledged F versions...
    • It would pretty amazing to see 30% of RX sales in the F Sport config. I can't even imagine an RX-F, though.
  5. Interesting fact: In the UK the F Sport is NOT a RX 350, but a RX 450h ! http://www.lexus.co.uk/car-models/rx/rx-450h/index.tmex#/FSport