The Lexus LFA Visits Jay Leno’s Garage

After a false start in 2009, Jay Leno has finally gotten behind the wheel of a Lexus LFA — here’s his review of the supercar in two parts:

Despite never once watching The Tonight Show all the way through, I respect Jay Leno’s opinion as an actual owner of a garage filled with supercars — his insight is based on real-life experience, and it’s immediately obvious that he “gets” the LFA and its purpose.

Definitely recommend taking twenty minutes and watching this video, well worth it.


  1. Jay Leno knows what makes a car great! He knows that the LFA is awesome!
  2. .9 hahah what a joke its what Jay L said .6 to 9000rpm
  3. Oooph... Really worth the 20 min during lunch time :) Great vid. Thanks!
  4. "One of the greatest supercars of all times. Certainly, the best supercar ever from Japan" - Jay Leno He definitely hit the nail right on the head with this.
  5. Hey guys I'm getting my LFA Nurburgring Edition delivered to me next month. =) p.s I tell myself that everyday to survive work & (life). 
  6. The sound.......of greatness.  With the talent to back it up. BD
  7. I wonder if Leno will buy one?  
  8. Nice review, but this Patrick character, is it just me or does he seem a little clueless about the  important parts of the car, he mentions a lot about minor stuff...but what about the aerodynamic of the car? the vents? the spoiler? instead he goes on about the stuff people already know, navigation? push start button?(yippy do da day), 3 exhaust designs?(obviously, anyone with eyes can see that) etc. It seems like Jay Leno even has more knowledge about this special car and it seems he LOVES this car way more than Pat does. Overall a very good review by Jay Leno,thank you for the video!
    • He is a massive car buff with about 200 exotic cars in his collection. He is insanely knowledgeable about cars. He just was trying to make the review easy to understand for the general viewers.
  9. Was this video made before or after he got paid by Honda to do that Acura commercial with Seinfeld?  (LOL)
  10. RAL

    I've appreciated Lexus' accomplishment in this supercar, but this video brought it home for me more than ever.  Leno is right . . . you can't help but hear the precision even through the limited sound quality of the video.  To be so rich to be able to afford one of these . . . one can only dream.  The GS is a more realistic dream for me . . . yeah . . . even with the spindle grill . . . it is beginning to grow on me.^^  
  11. Leno is too worried trying to get the first NSX haha.
    • He was paid to be in that commercial. He hates hybrids and does not have a single hybrid car in his collection. He would not even think about getting a neutered supercar with no sound, no character and no soul.
    • It was a joke. You know, like "ha ha"? And that's a bold statement seeing as how no one has even driven the NSX yet.
  12. Glad Jay was able to review the car again.  I only wish that an official Lexus LFA product specialist could have been there instead.  Nothing against Patrick for I'm sure he was just giving approximate details (0-60, BHP, torque, time to redline were not exact).  A product specialist would have been able to give more insight into why the car is the way it is.  EVERYTHING is done on purpose.  The left and right paddles have different tension - on purpose.  The washer fluid refill is under the gas tank flap - on purpose.  The manual transmission is single clutch - on purpose.  The LFA chief engineer didn't want a double clutch system because it disconnected the driver from the car.  Single clutch gives the most feedback.  One of the prime objectives of the LFA is car/driver unity.  These are the little gems that are not on some spec sheet which anyone can read.  A product specialist would have been able to share those with Jay as well as the audience.  Regardless, I am happy to see that Jay "gets it".  You can pick apart any super car and find deficiencies.  Every measurement or performance figure can be beat by some other vehicle.  What the LFA brings to the table is total driving nirvana - you just get lost in the moment.  I'm lucky to say that I've had a number of good hours in the LFA.  Not sure what I did to deserve it but I'm not complaining.  Take it for what it is, a remarkable car which will go into the automotive history books as one of the greatest exotics ever to come out of Japan.