Lexus February 2012 Sales Report

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February is in the books, and Lexus has reported total sales of 16,678 units for the month, for a 15.9% increase over 2011 — here are the model-by-model stats:

MONTH Year to Date (*DSR)
2012 2011 % CHG* 2012 2011 % CHG*
CT 1,640 0 N/A 2,665 0 N/A
HS 150 183 -21.3 302 469 -36.9
IS 2,095 2,081 -3.4 3,905 4,073 -6.1
ES 2,997 2,598 10.7 5,407 4,813 10.0
GS 2,396 349 559.1 2,489 672 262.8
LS 516 706 -29.8 1,089 1,440 -25.9
SC 0 1 -100.0 2 8 -75.5
LFA 6 5 15.2 10 9 8.8
Total Cars 9,800 5,923 58.8 15,869 11,484 35.4
RX 5,792 6,567 -15.3 10,830 12,448 -14.8
GX 703 1,051 -35.8 1,581 2,186 -29.2
LX 383 273 34.7 672 556 18.4
Total Trucks 6,878 7,891 -16.3 13,083 15,190 -15.6
Total Sales 16,678 13,814 15.9 28,952 26,674 6.3

The new GS accounts for much of the month’s success, with a 559.1% increase (!!!) over 2011 — Tim Morrison, Lexus USA’s VP of sales, had this to say during the monthly sales conference call:

GS sales totalled 2,396 units…and we’re very excited about the mix…25% of GS sales have been F-Sport Models…so true driving enthusiasts have taken notice.

Early data indicates the new GS has also been successful in bringing a new buyer into our showrooms…with 30% new to the Lexus brand…and 40% under the age of 50.

The 2013 LX 570 also arrived in dealerships last month, and had a more modest (but still impressive) sales gain of 34.7%, and both the CT 200h and the ES 350 had strong February sales.

On the flipside, GX 460 sales continue to drop as the SUV enters its third year of sales, and the LS has started to show some fatigue after six years on the market. The RX is also lagging somewhat, but is sure to rebound once the 2013 update is revealed in Geneva next week (officially confirmed today).

[Source: Lexus USA]


Lexus Canada didn’t release their total sales for February, but the GS did have a banner month with 62 sales, a 244.4% increase over last year.

[Source: Lexus Canada]


  1. 1600 for the CT in February is very solid The LS 516, not so much The interest in the GS bodes well for the future turnover of the lineup. Looks like The People are ready for new product from Lexus. Overall, less than a 15k monthly average for the brand is disappointing. Gonna be hard to win the year with that kind of a start. If anyone can pull it off, Lexus can....... BD
    • Returning to the #1 position this year will be difficult, but it's not inconceivable that Lexus could get into second place in front of Mercedes -- this month, Mercedes was just over 2,000 units ahead, and that lead will evaporate once the new ES & RX are released.
    • Don't forget, those Mercedes figures also include the Sprinter vans.. Take them out and Lexus is 2nd behind BMW for February in the U.S
    • According to the Mercedes press release, total sales excluding Smart & Sprinter was 18,080:
    • We also have to think about the LS, which will be more likely to be revealed this fall or winter.
    • Has delivery of the new GS started yet in the US?
  2. Luxury midsize sales for Febraury: E-Class: 4206 5-series:  4042 Lexus GS: 2396 Infiniti M:  1150 Audi A6:  972 BD
    • Acura RL: 28
    • The Lexus just launched, with these numbers, I have no doubts that the GS will outsell 5 and e
    • PG

      Haha, nice one! The GS outselling the mighty E and 5... You do realize that Mercedes moves no less than 60'000 units each year of the E, right? Even Lexus itself admits by ways of their 25'000 annual sales projection that there is no chance of the GS toppling those two heavy hitters. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the GS isn't a good car or anything, but there is no chance of the GS even coming close to the 5er and E-Class in the US, let alone globally.
    • Lexus says 20k a year, not 25k Lexus will be VERY happy at 20-30k. But 20k is minimum. And they missed the first 5-6 weeks of the year...... BD
    • I'm sure their projections factored that in.
    • Obviously I'm talking about U.S market, which is appropriate since this page is about U.S market.. And in Germany and Europe those E-classes are used as taxis.. Obviously watered down models, but they still contribute to sales.. Don't see any GS used as taxi cabs..
    • PG

       Actually, the 60k E-Classes sold annually I mentioned is in reference to the US market. Yes, it sells that well! Nonetheless, you're right about Europe: Lexus' sales figures here can't be compared to the E/A6/5er or even the Jaguar XF. This is mostly due to the lack of diesel power and smaller gasoline engine options. Figure that the E-Class is offered in 4 bodystyles and with no less than 5 different diesel, 6 different gasoline, and one natural gas engine options. This is not much different for the other European cars in the segment.
    •  In Russia, Porsche Cayenne and Maybach are used as taxis as well: So don't think taxi as cheap car
    • In Russia, LADAS are the dominant taxis.. And the E-class is rubbish anyway; ugly, slow, terrible build quality and is inferior to any Lexus, be it IS, LS, GS, RX, CT etc
    • "And the E-class is rubbish anyway; ugly, slow, terrible build quality and is inferior to any Lexus, be it IS, LS, GS, RX, CT etc" Sorry, but you're full of it. Design is subjective. I like the E class. Hell, I own a 2010 E350 Convertible. The build quality is top notch. You have no idea what you're talking about or your bias is showing.
    • I have to think that the whole point of the new GS is just to get into the same conversation as the E-Class & 5-series -- being able to sustain third place would be a huge accomplishment, and it also sets the table for the future generations of GS models to cut even deeper into that lead.
  3. How is the IS sales down by 3.4% when sales were up this year compared to last year's?
  4. I wonder why up in Canada hardly get any GS commercials or advertisements via billboards,ads etc..I don't even remember the last time I've seen a GS commercial. Cmon Lexus Canada, step it up and share the GS to the public more!
  5. I hear dealers are struggling to get RX models.  Supplies are low, but there is plenty in the pipeline. March should get Lexus back over 20k monthly, with 5 sales weekends instead of the usual 4. Interesting how the GS follows it's explosion out of the box  (Puns are fun!) BD
  6. And I, personally, would get a 250HP engine together, and put it in the next IS and the current GS I would make a GS300 for about $44k with 250 HP to compete with the 528i The next IS would be $35k for an IS300 with 250HP and $40k for an IS350 with 306HP BMW is making plenty of sales off the 528i because there is no competition.   There is gold in the backyard.  Just start digging! BD
    • Absolutely agree -- I have no idea why Lexus limits their engine options so much.
    • I always believed that the more options you have, the more sales you gonna get. For instance, US is not getting the GS450h F Sport, GS250, ES240, RX270 which are the main products to attract sales. Not to mention that in Europe, the HS, ES, GX, LX are not even sold and in some countries they are going all hybrid, so no GS250, no RX350 nor LS460.
  7. Overall sales of Lexus might be lower then historically experianced for many years however with the impending release of several new models and facelifts, i reserve no hesitation suggesting the brand will find itself in a very strong and competitive position by year-end. Furthermore ... with a true identity evolving (spindle grille) and the release of genuine sports (F-Sport) and performance models (F-Series), it is fair to say Lexus is coming-of-age. That said ... you can be sure of good times are ahead !
  8. I would say Lexus would have sold more GS F-Sport models last month if more are optioned with the Mark Levinson  audio system. This config is still generally not available in the whole Western US! I ordered one and have to wait until May to get it in So Cal. I am still not happy about this marketing decision they made.