First Generation Lexus LS 400 & LFA Together

By way of the Lexus Europe Twitter account comes this photo of a Lexus LFA and a mint first-generation LS 400:

Lexus LFA & Lexus LS 400

Taken in Long Island at Lexus of Massapequa, both the LFA & LS belong to John Staluppi, who also owns the dealership.

[Source: Lexus Europe]


  1. Not even close.. the LFA along with the LF-Lc is a Supra Mk5
  2. He seems to like silver Lexus cars, I'm guessing...... BD
  3. The LS400 is a legendary car
  4. One of the first pics the dealership took when it first received LFA #069, back in April of 2011. But you also covered this LFA once before. See link below...
  5. The LFA's brakes are the same size of that of the LS's rims XD
  6. Glad the owner of the dealership tried selling his beloved LFA... but at least he's doing well.  lol 
  7. That LS400 looks fantastic, like brand new! Is it for sale? It's remarkable how timeless the original LS400 design has become... & what's that 2-door thing on top of the 4-door beauty? :-p