Lexus GS Dynamic Handling System Demonstration

Here’s a great video showing the Lexus GS’s new Dynamic Handing system in action:

As the video demonstrates, the Dynamic Handling system — which integrates rear steering, the electric power steering and variable gear ratio steering (VGRS) — is a substantial upgrade over the GS base model handling.

I had a chance to test out a DHS-equipped GS F Sport on the track last November, and the difference was significant — turn-in response was noticeably sharper, and the rear of the vehicle had considerably more grip. In fact, the DHS made me feel so confident, that my run in the GS F Sport was the only time I hit a cone all day.


  1. Yeah I saw that on YouTube yesterday.  I like watching the rear wheels turn at high speeds! BD
  2. That's pretty impressive
  3. Damn the GS is looking sexy in this video ! More videos like this Lexus
  4. As I looked as the video, I was thinking how good the GSF would look if Lexus decide to make it.
  5. well that red is niiiiiice
  6. One thing ... Red GS F-Sport is awesome !